Turn Pound Shop Candles Into Amazing Mystery Candles That Will Impress Your Friends

What’s better than customized scented candles? Customized scented candles with crystals in them

Turn Crappy Pound Shop Candles Into Surprise Mystery Candles That Smell Really Good And Will Impress Your Friends

by Mari Santos |

Everyone loves a good surprise. And by surprise, I mean, thoughtful present that appears on your doorstep, not a 'Congrats, you have to start paying your student loans tomorrow' kind of surprise. So when you give a handmade, amazing smelling fertility candle to your friend who is a bit witchy, into crystals and wants a baby, be prepared to feel like you are the Mother Teresa of gift giving surprises.

It’s easy too - all you need are unscented candles (which are cheap and plentiful at the Pound shop) and a bit of patience. Okay, you’ll need more than that, but it is really easy. Promise.

You will need:

Some crystals. To be extra fancy, you can tailor them to an intention. I used rose quartz, garnet, moonstone and carnelian, which are meant to aid in fertility. They also just look pretty, in case you’re not into the whole crystals with meanings thing. Crayons (for colour), candle wicks, glue, a knife, unscented candle and a glass jar.

Cut the candle into small pieces with a knife. Remove the wick.

Put all the candle bits into a heat resistant bowl. Add in crayons for colour.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and then lower heat. Place the bowl into the pot and stir until wax gradually melts.

Add fragrance oil of your choice to the melted wax. You can mix and match oils to create a soothing blend of olfactory perfection. No artificial pine scents here, thanks.

Glue the wick to the bottom of your glass candle container. Place crystals.

Pour the melted wax into the container. If you want the candle to be extra special, you can pour layers of different coloured wax into the candle. Just keep adding the next layer when the previous layer has cooled.

If the candle wick is still long, just snip it off with scissors. I added some wax shavings on the top to make it look fancy (ie. some wax spilled on the counter and as I scraped it off with a knife, I noticed it looked kind of pretty).

To take the candle gift giving process to the next level, you can write down the meanings of each crystal on construction paper, wrap everything up in pretty tissue paper and you’re set. You have now created the most thoughtful candle that anyone will ever receive.

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