How To Make Your House Warm Without Turning On The Heating

It's not time to put the heating on yet chaps

How To Make Your House Warm Without Turning On The Heating

by Jess Commons |

If you're a sensible sort of person then you know that it's far too early to be turning the heating on at your casa. If you turn it on now, you're setting a precedent and, come March next year you're going to get a heating bill that's going to cost more than a deposit on a small house in Walthamstow.

To help you put off the inevitable for a little bit, we've come up with a few temporary solutions to help you keep your house warm until, ohh, I don't know, mid November? A date that is entirely dependent on whether or not we have an unseasonably early cold snap. Don't say we never give you anything.

1. Thermal Curtains

Because you've probably only got those crappy blinds from IKEA that every rented house in the land are blessed with. It's almost certainly the law. These thermal curtains aren't all that snazzy but they sure are warming. And cheap. And they're from a place called 'Chums' which is excellent. Drafty windows are the number one source of unwanted cold air getting in your house and doubly so if you're only dealing with single glazed windows. These curtains won't block out all the cold but they'll definitely help.

Curtains, £6.99

2. Electric Blanket

Once the favourite winter topic of your nan and Great Aunty Janet, electric blankets are now back in business; in part due to the heating prices going up and in part due to us getting too poor to afford new said heating prices. Don't use your nan's though, it's likely from the 60s and it'll likely burn your house to the ground. Invest in a new one. Argos have got some starting from £14.99. If you're REALLY broke and have a lot of time on your hands, this tutorial on how to make a microwaveable warming blanket could be a not very fun thing to do one weekend.

Blanket, £14.99

3. Draught Sealer

By and large one of the most boring purchases that you'll ever make in your life but SO DAMN WORTH IT. This self adhesive (no tools!) foam stuff goes easily in all the little cracks and gaps between your doors and window; blocking up all possible air holes cold wind could get in through. Plus, it comes in different colours so you can match it to your doors and window frames so your landlord won't even notice and get mad like that time you decided to 'paint' the bathroom pink. That's going to hurt on the old security deposit.

Draught sealer; £6.49

4. Double Glazing Film

Again, not the more glamourous purchase that you'll ever make but a pretty fun one. If you've just got single glazed window then make them double glazed yourself (without like, adding another pane of glass in) by spreading this film over the top of your exisiting window, pulling taught and using a hair dryer to smooth it out. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Double glazing film, £8.99

5. Socks

For some reason that we don't totally understand, women feel the heat more than men and, more keenly in our feet and hands. Get yourself some thermal socks, slippers and a cheap ass rug to spread on the cold kitchen tiles. We know slipper socks are probably the least sexy thing that's ever happened ever but, when compared to that heating bill, it's kind of a no-brainer.

Thermal socks, £8

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