Stuff To Get Your Mum To Buy You Before She Drops You Off At University

It’s a long old wait ’til Christmas

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Stuff To Get Your Mum To Buy You Before She Drops You Off At University

Stuff Thatu2019ll Last For Ages To Get You Mum To Buy Before She Drops You Off At Uni1 of 9

Stuff That’ll Last For Ages To Get You Mum To Buy Before She Drops You Off At Uni

The pre-halls move in supermarket shop with Mum and Dad is a hallowed moment in the whole starting university thing. Do it right and you’ll be sorted through to Christmas, do it wrong and you'll be living off ready meals for the next three months.

Posh Herbs2 of 9

Posh Herbs

Like, the most boring thing to spend money on ever, but the most vital thing to cover up your novice cooking skills in that first term before you figure out your griddle pan from the baking tray. Get yourself a nice collection and you’ll be surprised at what a culinary master you turn out to be after all.

Chicken And Prawns3 of 9

Chicken And Prawns

You’re probably set to go mostly veggie just to save money. Meat is expensive, my friend, and it’s better you learn now. If you do eat meat it’ll be chicken and prawns so buy them in batches a freeze for a later date.

Wanky Salt & Pepper4 of 9

Wanky Salt & Pepper

For no other reason than they make you look like you know what you’re doing. Apple smoked salt? Why yes please.

Coconut Milk5 of 9

Coconut Milk

Once you start getting inventive with your food, Thai Green Curry will become your staple. Even better, with curry paste it's a doddle to make too so make sure you stock up on the ludicrously expensive coconut milk now.

Posh Baked Beans6 of 9

Posh Baked Beans

If you miss the chance to pick up some good quality baked beans now you’ll be down to the basic 13p ones the second the reality of what an overdraft really is kicks in. And trust us, those guys haven’t got a patch on the posh stuff (like these guys, with freaking chorizo in). For starters, they don’t come with sausages. Which is upsetting.

Wholegrain Organic Pasta7 of 9

Wholegrain Organic Pasta

Take it from us, you’re going to eat batches upon batches of the stuff. Mainly because it’s the only thing Most people know how to cook. Make sure you don’t completely stuff up your insides by at least eating the wholegrain organic stuff – there’s got to be some goodness in that right?

Pine Nuts8 of 9

Pine Nuts

The most ridiculously overpriced product your local supermarket could possibly offer, and yet, so delicious in a salad. Toast them with soy sauce and sprinkle over, erm, everything.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil9 of 9

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Buy it, then keep it under lock and key. Even today when confronted with the option of buying a nice posh bottle of olive oil or a vat of sunflower oil the eternal student inside us still always goes with the sunflower oil. Cheaper, isn’t it?Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, £3.37; Balsamic Glaze, £1.99; both Waitrose

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