Stuff To Buy To Make Your New Room In Halls A Total Winner

Oh what's that? Yeah come into my room, it's AWESOME


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This bluetooth speaker which will make your room the best room

If you're keen to make your room the one everyone retires to after a certain hour (ie. when the one mature student in your halls has told you to fuck off out of the kitchen for making too much noise at 3AM) this bluetooth speaker is key. Hook it up wirelessly to anyone's phone, iPad or laptop, transport it anywhere around the room and let anyone be DJ. Many years of experience has taught us that after beer number three, everyone likes being DJ – a fact they'll remember when you're choosing whose room to party in.


£19 - Amazon

These posh fairy lights which are a step above your average

It's basically the law that you have fairy lights in halls. That and an IKEA cheese grater. Fairy lights give a room that is essentially a grimy window away from being a coffin a touch of atmosphere that you never knew it could achieve. Also, thanks to fairy lights' shoddy wattage, they cover all manner of sins left by the last inhabitant of your room/your disgraceful student lifestyle. Set yourself up as one of the more sassy inhabitants on campus by going rogue with your fairy lights and investing in this nicely decorated set from LightFlightLighting.



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These mugs which will be the most useful purchase you'll make all day

Never underestimate how many mugs you'll need during your student years. They'll be your staple tool to drink many, many cups of tea and more importantly wine from, store pens, pencils, scissors and loose change. These guys are as cheap and stylish as you're going to get plus look just as good in your kitchen as they do your bedroom and bathroom. Take it from someone who knows, £2 a mug is a bargain – if you go cheaper and get those miniscule 60p jobbies from IKEA you'll live to regret it. Those things hold but a mere dribble of tea and are exactly the same as everyone else's in your flat.


£2 - Tiger

This super -cheap print which proves you're way past club-night posters as decor

Being girls, we're naturally built with an innate urge to paper our walls with picture print outs of us and our friends looking pissed as old farts, perfume ads from Vogue and 'cool' illustrated flyers for nights are definitely a million times worse than their offer of 'FREE BEFORE 10PM' makes out. Don't worry about this, it's a life long cross that I myself still have to bear several years on from university. The only sure-fire way to fix it is to invest in one really nice print that'll make your home-made collages look shit when they both share a wall. May we recommend this pineapple print from Society6?


£9.60 - Society6

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This (double) duvet which is a much better idea than a single

If you listen to one pathetic piece of advice we give you, make it be that it is SO so worth getting a double duvet – even if you've got a single bed. Not only does it save money; c'mon there's no way you're not graduating to a double bed the second you get out of these pesky halls and into your very own flatshare, it also takes away roughly 30% of the awkwardness of trying to fit two people into a single bed, which you will absolutely do on more than one occasion. You might have less than 2% of the matress space thanks to the sweaty hairy fresher currently hogging the rest of your bed, but at least you've both got a giant bit of material to cover your modesty in the awkward light of day.


£18 - eBay

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