6 Marvellous Marble Things To Buy Yourself So You Can Look Dead #Pinterest

You name it, marble makes it.

6 Marvellous Marble Things To Buy Yourself So You Can Look Dead #Pinterest

by Alyss Bowen |

Marble is having a moment. We’re all obsessed with it, for obvious reasons, it looks fantastic on laptops, phone cases, notebooks – you name it, marble makes it. So we rounded up the best marble items on Pinterest and found out where you could buy them. Now go forth and marble makeover your home.

1. Marble laptop case


Take one search for #marble on Pinterest and marble laptop cases are all over that. Get yours here on Etsy and make your laptop as pretty as this one.

2. Marble bedcovers.


Anyone else want to crawl into this bed right now? It’s a Sunday, so go ahead. But first get your marble bedcovers riiiiight here.

3. Marble slab


We think these things are called slabs? Bloggers everywhere use them to make their pictures look dead instagram, and that they do. If you want to look dead Instagram you can get one here.

4. Marble candle


Who doesn’t love a good marble candle? Answer: no one ever. Buy a marble candle set here and make your home marble mania.

5. Marble hooks


These things are great, they hang up your jackets AND look fantastic. Or you can hang your jewels on them to make it look even more #Pinterest. Get similar ones here.

6. Marble notebook


OK, ok this one isn’t for your home, but look at it. It’s what notebook dreams are made of and we want 10 so we never ever run out. We're currently obsessed with this Urban Outfitters one.

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