These Tree-Free Productivity Notepads Will Make The Perfect Sustainable Gift

Because paper made from trees is SO yesterday.

Karst Stone Paper Notepads

by Angelica Daujotas |

Searching for the perfect gift to treat yourself or your eco-warrior loved one? Wave goodbye to wasted trees and pages left unturned. Karst has transformed recycled stone into beautiful stationery and lifestyle products that do good, both for you and the planet.

Perfect for a meaningful gift that inspires a brighter future, designed to last and benefit the environment, Karst Stone Paper is manufactured to be better in every way. From sustainable material sourcing to the fair pay and treatment of employees, you’ll be part of shaping a better tomorrow.

Karst has merged sustainability with style, to develop a range of eco-friendly notepads that are chic, premium quality and perfect for working from home. With products designed to increase productivity and wellness, they’re ideal for everyday use and aim to help you navigate your busy schedule, or to gift someone something really special.

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Paper has never been so powerful. Alongside all its benefits to our planet, stone paper has qualities that normal paper could only dream of having. Give the gift of powerful paper, that looks and feels premium while being splashproof, infinitely smoother and acid-free.

Karst lets you live out your rom-com dreams with its collection of waterproof paper and notebooks. So you can cry tears of joy or sorrow in the rain, pouring your heart and thoughts onto paper without the worry of soggy and ruined pages. But how is Karst Stone Paper made and how can it be waterproof? We’ve done the research and answered your questions - and we’re totally sold.

What is Karst Stone Paper made from?

Karst Stone Paper is 80-90% crushed stone (calcium carbonate) and 20-10% non-toxic resin which is used to bind the stone particles. The product is very similar to traditional paper, but with many more benefits.

Are Karst notebooks recyclable?

100% yes. It can be recycled just like regular paper and no harmful gasses are released when burning stone paper. On top of this, stone paper can be safely broken down by nature as it’s photodegradable, so if its ever left out in the wild, it will be completely gone in 9 – 12 months.

How is stone paper different from normal paper?

Stone paper is just like regular paper but can do more and do better. On top of being smoother and brighter than regular paper, stone paper is waterproof, tear-resistant and has no ink bleed-through. Stone paper is also more environmentally responsible and contains no toxic chemicals as regular paper does.

Do I need a special pen to write on stone paper?

Not at all! Your favourite pen will work just as well, if not better on stone paper. Karst recommends a good old fashioned ballpoint to experience the smoothest glide on paper.

What does Karst Stone Paper feel like?

Karst swears that it will be the smoothest paper you’ve touched and the best writing experience you’ve ever had. A few words to sum it up: creamy, velvety, silky.

Can you use it underwater?

Stone paper is waterproof, so it doesn’t absorb water. To master the art of writing underwater will depend on the pen. The paper will be highly adequate, so get testing.

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