Jamie Is Taking Anti-Balding Drops And Other Stuff We Learned From Spending The Day With The Cast Of Made In Chelsea

Plus what happened when Stephanie's boyfriend met Spencer and Heidi

Jamie Is Taking Anti-Balding Drops And Other Stuff We Learned From Spending The Day With The Cast Of Made In Chelsea

by Alya Mooro |

Series nine of reality TV show Made In Chelsea kicked off yesterday and we can’t wait to get our guilty pleasure back. Ahead of the new series we caught up with cast members old and new where we learnt a fair few interesting tidbits.

From Jamie’s sick sense of humour to a loved up (and apparently changed!) Spencer Matthews, we round up seven things we learned from spending the day with the gang...

1. Spencer is a changed man

Having jumped from bed to bed and that unfortunate penis photo leak which appeared EVERYWHERE (and definitely didn’t get passed around The Debrief HQ), Spencer Matthews has undoubtedly spent the past eight seasons revelling in his role as playa playa. But it looks like he’s set to hang up his bad boy crown in the next season.

'I think I’ve explored many different areas of my character over the approaching five years of the show and it’s just about time to grow up a little bit,' he told us. Of course, this most likely has everything to do with current beau Lauren who has so far managed to keep Spenny’s eyes locked firmly, and most importantly solely, on her. 'I really love being with Lauren and things are going great… and it’s about time someone else has the limelight' he added.

And it seems Lauren’s pretty happy, too: 'I heard all the bad things about him [before we started dating] but he was young when he joined the show and all his mistakes were publicly made. I took him at his own merit and I’m glad I did, he’s really grown up this season,' she told us. We’ll have to see it to believe it!

2. Louise knows someone who knows the Queen

Sure, the Made In Chelsea lot are pretty posh, that’s the whole point of the show, isn’t it? But we never really knew/believed just how posh until now because, breaking news: Louise knows someone who knows the Queen. Yes, really. According to Louise’s source, her Majesty has a spread of 'nice breakfast things' every morning. Yup. The Debrief giving you the inside scoop since 2014.

3. Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend got on well with Spencer and Heidi

Our gag reflex was in full effect on the morning we spent with the Made In Chelsea crew, due largely to Stephanie Pratt and her boyf Josh’s PDA. Not to say we don’t like seeing people loved up but save it for after will ya? All entangled legs and stroking each other’s hair, Steph and Josh gushed as they revealed they had recently taken some pretty giganormous steps in their relationship.

'We’ve moved in together and at Christmas I met her family and she met mine,' said Josh. So, how was meeting the infamous Spencer and Heidi? 'Very normal,' he said. Hmm. Seems Josh was a hit with the Pratt family, too: 'they call him James Bond,' said Binky. Not because of his British accent apparently but because, well, he just is, obviously.

4. Jamie’s taking anti-balding drops and has a sick (in a bad way) sense of humour

Admittedly they’re all pretty vain, well, you’d have to be to be on a reality TV show, but apparently Jamie is the vainest of the lot. In an attempt to 'salvage' his receding hairline, ('It’s not receding, he’s lost most of it… he’s destined to be bald,' said Spencer) he’s apparently been taking hair drops, which have been making him feel rather ill.

We learnt some other pretty interesting if not slightly very concerning bits of information about Jamie. According to newbie Emily (with whom he goes waaaay back, they met when they were 13) he’s got a sick (in a bad way) sense of humour. Actually, those are our words not hers, but were based on a story they shared of some pretty fucked up pranks they played on each other: '[Emily] had just had her house burgled, so I was going to steal the keys and run into her room with a balaclava on, wrestle her down then whisper in her ear "I’ll be back" and never tell her it was me,' he said. Fucked.Up.

5. Louise And Binky Wanna Buy Ed Sheeran And Kim Kardashian Made In Chelsea Memorabilia

Okay, so you’ve got the opportunity to buy Kim Kardashian and Ed Sheeran some Easter (or whatever) presents, what would you get them? Made In Chelsea memorabilia, obviously. Well, that’s what Binky and Louise would get them, anyway. 'I’d get them the MIC perfume, the calendar, MIC Fit (their fitness DVD) and the Made In Chelsea box set,' said Binky, ever on her marketing game. “Yes actually that would be so good!” said Louise. 'I love Ed Sheeran so I’d like him to watch our show.' Alik (Louise’s boyfriend) meanwhile takes the marketing ploy one step further: 'I’d give them a signed picture of myself,' he said, jokingly, we hope.

6. Fucking Up On Air Strengthens Their Moral Compass

Yeah so it may be awkward having to hang out with your exes and people you hate all the time (it’s definitely not something you could pay us to do, that’s for sure!) but apparently it’s not actually all that bad, and you get used to it pretty quickly. 'In a weird way I think it makes you grow up quicker,' said Alex. 'I’ve got an ex-girlfriend that wasn’t in Made In Chelsea and we haven’t spoken in over a year, being in the show you kind of play out the awkward meet quicker so you just get over it quicker, too,' he added.

And apparently all the millions of opinions thrown at them help form their moral compasses. 'Everyone’s going to comment on whatever you do so you know very quickly whether you’re in the right or wrong,' said Andy. You know what they say, people on Twitter are always right.

7. They wanna be just like Friends

Guys, apparently those awkward silences and stuff we’ve come to love from the show are gonna be no more. At least, that’s what it seems considering now they’re all actually BFFs, with newbie JP revealing that this is the biggest friendship group they’ve had on the show so far.

'With a lot of these shows people kind of go "are they real friends?" but we just are, and we’ve been friends for so long so you can see that chemistry,' said Jamie. 'The reason why people love watching Friends is they can relate to the characters so well. People will hopefully be able to relate to us, too like, "oh that’s what we’re like, we all fly to Barbados and drink champagne and don’t do much. That’s exactly like us!’"

Made In Chelsea season nine airs on E4 from Monday April 6th

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