Charcuterwreath Boards – The New Instagram Table Trend We’re Obsessed With

Here's how to make one this Christmas.

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by Lillian Sesiguzel |

First it was all about tablescaping, including those twisting colourful dinner candles. Now the latest Instagram trend for your home is charcuterwreath boards, which essentially is a cleverly coined term for a board of cured meats and cheeses, designed to mirror that of a Christmas wreath. It's a true culinary art, and one that is all over our Instagram feeds. But where to start?

Cynthia Baysinger, otherwise known as The Modern Brie on Instagram has shared a step-by-step guide on how to build your own charcuterwreath, including how to make it look festive for the holiday season.

• Start with a greenery base

• Add bowls or large decorative items, if using.

•Add your charcuterie meats diagonal from each other (think 1:00, 5:00, 8:00,11:00)

• Start adding cheeses using the same method

• Add fruits, nuts and filler

• Garnish! Fresh herbs, florals, smaller decorative items

Once you've mastered your charcuterwreath board - it may take a few tries - then why not take a look through our edit of the best tableware for tablescaping? There are some beautiful pieces your charcuterwreath can sit alongside of – and voilà, just like that you've aced Christmas.

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