This Smart Connected Oven Will Make Everyday Cooking Easier Than Ever

You can even operate it from your phone.

Haier Smart Oven

by Emily Farquhar |
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Ever dreamt of having a personal cooking assistant? Yes, you read that right. An actual cooking assistant where you can not only programme all your must-have recipes but cook them to perfection.

That’s where Haier comes in. The brand has created a smart oven, known as the I-Touch Series 6, that quite literally does it all.

A côte de boeuf medium-rare with a side of crispy garlic potatoes? Easy. You can set this up using Haier’s very own hOn app through its Cook With Me feature. Want to try another step-by-step guided recipe? Maybe you are in the mood to create something from your own imagination? Everything is possible with this oven.

Is dessert on the cards? No need to break a sweat. The smart oven has a Climatech feature, meaning perfect heat distribution is guaranteed inside and out. No more floppy cakes – what a relief.

But the smart technology doesn’t stop there. What better appliance to create the icing and finish off your masterpiece than Haier’s Induction hob I-Move Series 6?

Also connected to the hOn app, the hob is raved about for its two multi-zone surfaces and Varycook function.
'Featuring 2 Multizone surfaces, the I-Move Series 6 ensures your dishes are cooked perfectly evenly every time by detecting the size of your pan, whether it's a small pot or large casserole dish, and adapting the cooking area accordingly for optimum heat distribution,' says Chris Grundy, Cooking Product Manager for the UK and Ireland at Haier Europe.

'Cook at the right temperature just by moving the pot with Varycook: No need to get into complicated setups, just move the pot. When you want to get a higher or lower temperature, you just have to move your pot up or down and the power level changes automatically. This technique, coming from the professional world, is ideal to prepare sauces or desserts.'

And, that’s how you will make - without fail - the perfect Victoria Sponge for your guests.

Named the number one leader in home appliances for the 14th consecutive year, Haier is making an everyday chore more enjoyable – and easier – than ever. From washing machines with major energy savings to top tier wine coolers, see what else the brand has to offer...

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