6 Grudge Gifts You’ve Totally Bought For People

Admit it. You hate-gave Pam that Milk Tray.

6 Grudge Gifts You've Totally Bought For People

by Chemmie Squier |

’Tis the season to be jolly, merry and buy a shed load of presents, some of which will be for people we don’t even really like, according to a study by Ginger Comms.

Apparently, this Christmas, Britain is set to spend £3.7 billion on presents for people they don’t like. That means 93% of us will spend an average of £62.80 on ‘grudge gifts’ for people we feel meh about. What is our problem?

Thing is, we can probably all relate to having to buy a gift for some far removed family member whom you met once when you were 30 seconds old. Or the colleague you kind of hate because they always pronounce your name slightly wrong.

With that in mind, the definition of a grudge gift is as follows: buying someone you don’t really give a shit about, a present which they probably won’t give a shit about, but you have to buy it anyway so they think you kind of give a shit about them.

Here’s some of the grudge gifts you’ve probably purchased in your life and hate-given, maybe without even realising it...

1. Reed diffuser

Thought process for buying a reed diffuser: They have a home. It has rooms. It probably smells of damp sometimes. I should buy them sticks of wood that sit in flowery smelling oils to help with this.

2. Wine holder

The ultimate in you-dont-need-this-but-i-had-no-idea-what-to-get-you gifts. Even better if you give it without a bottle of wine and it’s this pig one.

3. Chocolate

You literally picked these up when you had an ‘OH FUCK’ moment while putting petrol in your car, and realising you’d forgotten to get your aunty (who isn’t actually your aunty but your mum’s best friend) a present. Milk Tray it is.

4. CD

Because no one buys CDs any more. Not IRL disks. You’ve bought someone a present which actually forces them to regress.

5. An actual grudge gift

Like this mug.

6. A fake poo

I mean, you’re not even trying now, are you?

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