Facebook Cover Photos: All You Need To Create The Best Cover Photo

Fancy having the best Facebook cover photo on the block? We thought you might, and we've got you covered.Illustrations by Jacky Sheridan

Facebook Cover Photos: All You Need To Create The Best Cover Photo

by Kat de Naoum |

It’s the first thing that people clap eyes on when they wander onto your Facebook profile page, along with your profile pic and name. If you haven’t got your privacy settings to a CSI level of super-private, chances are that your Facebook cover photo can be seen by anyone googling your name. Your Facebook cover photo is a pretty big deal in the world of Facebook.

What are Facebook Cover Photos 2016

Your Facebook cover photo is that landscape photo header at the top of your Facebook profile page that sits behind your profile picture and looks something like this:

There are 3 main types of Facebook cover photo people.

  1. Quote people. We're not only talking about the Marylin Monroe quote pics with questionable authenticity. If done properly, quote pics can actually be rather tasteful. (You didn’t think you could get “quote pics” and “tasteful” in the same sentence, did you…)

  1. Poignant political or environmental message people. Animal testing or breastfeeding in public. Choose your cause and let your Facebook cover photo be clear on your stance about it.

  1. A photo of you. Because the photo of yourself in the profile pic is not enough, obvs.


Whatever Facebook-cover-photo-person you are, we’ve got you all covered. Here’s how you can make your Facebook cover photo stand out from the crowd.

Facebook Cover Photo Size 2016

Firstly, get to know what you’re working with. Here are some tech stuff behind the “Best Facebook Cover Photo” scenes directly from the

people themselves.

  • Cover photo dimensions displays at 851 pixels wide/315 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide/360 pixels tall on smartphones.

  • Doesn't display on feature phones (any old rubbish phone that isn't a smartphone).

  • Needs to be at least 399 pixels wide/150 pixels tall.

  • Fastest loading is if the pic is an sRGB JPG file that's 851 pixels wide/315 pixels tall and less than 100 kB.

  • For better results, use a PNG file.

  • The cover photo will display at 828px wide by 315px high. Uploading a photo already with those exact dimensions is ideal for both computer and smartphone.


Top 5 Free Facebook Cover Makers

Make an original Facebook cover photo which knocks everyone else's outta the ball park with these free tools that can create Facebook cover images for free. Did we mention they’re free?

1. Fotor

Fotor is a really easy and quick Facebook cover generator. It gives you a choice of templates to choose from, then a bunch of fun ways to jazz up your cover photo, as well as a fast preview option so you can see what it’ll look like from your phone and computer. You can even download the app on your iPhone or Android and do it from there.

2. PicMonkey


We love PicMonkey. It is a totally awesome Facebook cover editor which allows you to pick a template and then even modify it. You can tweak your photos, create a background and choose from a variety of different swatches to add text onto.

3. Pagemodo

This has a lot of Facebook cover templates and cover photos already built in for you to use and is also completely free.

4. Canva

Another easy and also free Facebook cover generator. Just create an account and let them guide you through it.

5. Smilebox

Smilebox is a Facebook cover generator app you can install onto your pc to make FB cover photos anytime you want, no internet required. Although the better features are available on their full paid version, you can defo squeeze out what you need for a few cool Facebook covers from their free version.

Choose Facebook Cover Pics and Facebook Cover Quotes

We searched the net and found these sources of readymade free Facebook cover pictures and Facebook cover picture quotes.

1. 99 Covers

99 Covers has tonnes of Facebook cover pictures and quotes to choose from.

2. Trendy Covers

Another site with an array of already-sized Facebook cover pics and quotes that you can click straight onto to add to your Facebook profile.

3. Cover Photo Finder


This one allows you to choose from hundreds of Facebook cover photos uploaded by Facebook users and you can even upload your own to the site for others to use.

4. HD FB Cover

Another free and easy to use site with Facebook cover photos that you can choose from by category.

5. Cover Junction

Cover Junction also has all its pictures conveniently separated in categories for ease of reference.

All of the sites with the free Facebook cover photos above have their logos in the corner of the photos. If this isn’t something you feel you should have to put up with, then go down the make–your-own-FB-cover-photo road. Why not choose a quote you love from Brainy Quote, Good Reads, WikiQuote, The Quote Garden or Quoteland and then make your own Facebook cover quote photo quote using one of the free Facebook cover photo makers above? Awesome idea, we know.

Free Facebook Cover Photo Apps

If making your Facebook cover photo is something you only have time to do when you're on the train on your way to work (or on the loo), try these free Facebook cover photo apps which make creating Facebook covers a breeze.

1. Timeline Cover Photo Maker

This is an easy app allowing you to create your own Facebook covers with personalised photos and messages. The paid for version removes ads and the watermark on photos.

2. Timeline Cover Photo Maker for Free

Another easy and pretty basic app to create a Facebook cover photo on the go.

3. Instant Cover


Instant Cover offers free Facebook cover layouts, filters and textures, borders and wallpaper with more filters and effects available to purchase in-app.

4. Cover Photos for Facebook

This has a huge selection of HD Facebook cover pictures to choose from and allows you to save them to your photo gallery for future use. They also regularly update their gallery with new pics.

5. Face Covers

This app has loads and loads of Facebook cover photos for you to browse through and choose from allowing you to preview them before uploading to your profile for free.

Now you have all the necessary tools, you can get cracking on impressing the masses with your Facebook cover photo.

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