Cheap Things To Do This Weekend Nov 21 + 22

No plans this weekend? Here's what should be on your list

Cheap Things To Do This Weekend Nov 21 + 22

by Jess Commons |

Short on cash but big(gish) on dreams? Here’s how to spend your weekend.

The Film To Watch (That’s Not The Hunger Games)

ICYMI, there’s a little independent film with a whole bunch of little-known actors in it that’s out this week. It’s called The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and it’s well worth a watch, even if it’s just to find out which wet blanket of a boy Katniss eventually settles for.

If Hunger Games isn’t your thing though, there’s plenty more on offer. They’re re-releasing one of the coolest films of all time in to cinemas this weekend – True Romance. Two hours of Patricia Arquette looking nothing short of banging is enough to make anyone feel inspired to replace every item of clothing they own with leopard print skirts and bright blue bras.

Speaking of fashionable films, see also The Dressmaker, an Australian film featuring Kate Winslet as a stylish designer who heads back to her hometown in the outback to meet dah, dah dah daaahhh, a topless Liam Hemsworth. Which is nice.

The Boxset To Binge On

Female-led superhero show? Yep, we’ll take that, thanks very much. Jessica Jones (_Breaking Bad’_s Krysten Ritter) stars as erm, Jessica Jones, who was a superhero but gave up after something VERY BAD happened. Now she’s got her own detective agency and drinks too much, tells it like it is and has PTSD. Srsly, do not mess with this lady.

Plus, the way it approaches sex is being lauded as ‘refreshing’ and groundbreaking. Forget about your mates and hunker down for the weekend to watch all of it.

The Fair To Get Crafty At

Feeling like a Pinterest-y weekend but without a creative bone in your body? Head down to Bust Magazine’s craft fair in London’s Bethnal Green on the 22nd to get some inspiration (and help, a lot of help). Not only is there a whole bunch of vendors selling their lovely crafty wares, there’s also a whole bunch of workshops, so you can get your craft on from excellent people like Wool & The Gang (knit a snood!), Peas & Needles (make a wall hanging!) and Fabrications (customise a Christmas jumper!).

Oh and there’s food and booze and it’s only £3 to get in.


The Gigs To Go To

Go and worship at the feet of the very excellent Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches who always has very sensible and enlightening things to say about being a girl. Currently on tour with their new(ish) album, Chrvches is playing in Manchester, Newcastle and Aberdeen over the next couple of days. If you’re down South, head North. Or, you know, wait until they come down here the following week.


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