13 Non-Lame Supermarket Homeware Bits To Make Your Flat Less Shit

Which is basically code for stuff to get your parents to buy when they drop you back at university

Non-Lame Supermarket Homeware Bits To Make Your Flat Less Shit

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Beyond the realm of Ikea, most of us are pretty familiar with the other go-to places to buy all of the stuff we see in cool interior posts on Pinterest. We're big fans of Esty of course, and were really excited when Campaign's Fancy Flat Pack Furniture found its way into our lives. But I have to say, there's a lot to be said for the humble homeware section down at your favourite supermarket.

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Yes, it was the bit of the store you probably resented being dragged through by your mum or dad the most as a kid. But we're not kids anymore, you guys. We're grown-ups. Grown-ups who are probably getting ready to go to university and will shortly require our even more grown-up parents to buy us some nice shit to disguise how gross wherever we're living really is. So, here's some stuff to get them to buy you while you're doing your first big food shop. You know, for their convenience...

1. This Fleece Throw

Because it’s cold and even if you’re in halls, the heating will go rogue at some point.


Tesco, £10

2. These Artificial Hydrangeas

You and I both know that you don’t stand a chance in hell of keeping flowers alive. Cut the fuss and buy these for your room instead.

artificial plant

Tesco, £18

3. This Bunny Tape Dispenser

No one ever uses tape that often, and this is probably an outrageous waste of money. But look how cute and novel.

tape dispenser

Tesco, £17.99

4. This Fancy Gold Lamp

You’ll thank us when the time comes to set the mood but all you’ve got is industrial style fluorescents glaring down from the ceiling.


Tesco, £30

5. This Hexagonal Hanging Mirror

Because even if your room comes with a mirror it won’t be as cool as this one.


Asda, £10

6. This Soap Dispenser

Your mum will low key be mega impressed when you pop this is your shopping basket.

soap dispenser

Asda, £5

7. This Marble Effect Clock

Turns out the Instagram friendly marble and rose gold trend is still lingering.


Asda, £15

8. This Cool Chevron Rug

To hide old stains and prevent new ones. Instant interior upgrade right here.


Asda, £40

9. These Margarita Glasses

At least three of you will have something nice to drink out of at that one cocktail party you and your housemates decide to throw this year.


Aldi, £4.99

10. These Copper Wire Storage Tables

Somewhere to rest your phone and somewhere to store all that other rubbish in a way that’s deceptively tidy.

storage table

Aldi, £29.99

11. This Black Cat Cushion

You know. If you’re a cat person who will probably miss their cat.


Morrisons, £12.35

12. These Elephant Drink Coolers

So you’ve always got something for your gin when you forget to bring home ice.

drink cooler

Morrisons, £8

13. This Ampersand Letter Light

You’ll never find the right initials for everyone who lives with you, so this is a safer decorative bet.

letter light

Morrisons, £28

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