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You know how every so often you find a full movie on YouTube and think, ‘ALRIGHT I hit the motherload’ and also, ‘This is the highlight of my entire life thus far! I should really remember that it’s there for next time my Netflix subscription bounces or when I finally run out of episodes of The Good Wife to watch.’ But, of course, you never do.

Luckily, there’s a subReddit that keeps a keen eye on the films that show up on the video streaming site and collates them all together in one handy database for you to peruse. Obviously. due to legalities and things like that, most of the films tend to be old rather than new releases, although this does give us a chance to reminisce wildly about the days you used to get your mum to drive you to Blockbuster to pick out a film for you to take to your mate’s sleepover while you all got high on fizzy pop and microwave popcorn. Here’s a few films we’ve been revisiting of late, thanks to YouTube.

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Hilary and Jackie

This terribly dramatic 1998 film features two sisters and the tumultous trajectory their relationship takes when one of their classical music careers takes off. Stars Emily Watson, Rachel Griffiths and a very dashing younger David Morrissey. We’d let him play our flute, if you know what I mean.

Cruel Intentions

HAHAHAHA. As if this needs an introduction. ‘EAT ME SEBASTIAN’.

This Boy’s Life

Before Leo grew up and started dating 20-year-old supermodels and doing ice bucket challenges loosely based on preserving the Candian ecology, he was one of the most promising child actors the 90s had to offer. Everyone’s seen What’s Eating Gilbert Grape but This Boy’s Life is perhaps just as good and details the true life story of a young boy’s relationship with his abusive stepfather.

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Before Spring Breakers, controversial director Harmony Korine was still riding the success waves of 1995’s Kids, the Chloe Seivgny starring drama that looks at one day in the lives of a group of teenagers in New York. Shocking, touching and erm, very shocking again, James Franco and his merry band of bikni-clad criminals ain’t got nothing on this film.

Wish Upon A Star

I kid you not you guys, this might be the forgotten teen movie that changes everything we ever knew about nostalgia. Starring Katherine Heigl way, way, WAY before Knocked Up, this film explores the sociological implications of what happens when two sisters (one popular, one not – obvs) magically switch places after wishing on a – yeah, you guessed it – a star.

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