7 Of The Best Neon Lights Available On The High Street For Under £100

How to be one step closer to living in a Pinterest perfect world without blowing your life savings

best neon lights

by Shannon Tran |

Neon lights are amazing. Fact. Tracey Emin loves them, trendy Shoreditch bars love them, I love them. Recently I went to a bar where they had a huge lucky neon cat on the wall which waved at you, and naturally I fell in love. So I started my hunt for the perfect neon art to adorn my walls and absolute shock horror, they can cost more than a month's wages. Undeterred, I have searched high and low to find very affordable but very cool statement peices to fulfil all of our neon dreams...

1. A Super Cool Cactus

Debenhams have introduced a new neon lighting collection and this one quenches our thirst for exactly £100 in their Winter Spectacular event.


Cactus Marquee Floor Light, Debenhams [£100__

2. A Light For Turning Your Room In to A Discotheque

I’m not even sure this constitutes as a neon light, but I feel that you deserve to know about it. Create a funky atmosphere for parties, pre-drinks and cosy nights in, because 'Life Is a Disco' – said me, just then.


Disco Ball Light, Urban Outfitters £35

3. A Customisable light

Express your personality and spell out whatever you want, but only use 2 letter words otherwise you’ve then gone over £100.


Neon Letters, Notonthehighstreet.com [£49.50 each__

4. A Dreamy Bedside Lamp

Primark’s Home section has been getting more Instagram-able by the day and their light offerings are super chic. Set the tone and ensure a good nights sleep with this kawaii cloud table light.


Blue Cloud Light, Primark [£10__

5. A Tiki Pineapple Lamp

Available in 3 colours, when turned off these lamps are pretty pastels and glow neon when switched on. This light is sure to upgrade any plain bedside table i.e The £5 Ikea one EVERYONE has.


Pineapple Lamp, Oklahoma Gift Shop £79

6. A Mini Flamingo

A much more affordable way of achieving that 1980’s Miami look we talked about the other week.**


SunnyLife Flamingo Neon Light, John Lewis £18*

7. This Lucky lady nightlight

Remind yourself how good you've got it, every night before you close your eyes.

  • Lucky neon sign, eBay, £84.99*

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