The Best Bathroom Storage Ideas For A Calm And Organised Space

Out of sight, out of mind...

bathroom storage ideas

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If the kitchen is the heart of the home then the bathroom should be the place you can escape and unwind. Whether you like long luxurious baths or speedy showers, bathrooms are a space to enjoy a bit of 'me time' after a long day.

But the constant accumulation of wet towels, laundry and products (why do we all seem to hoard almost-empty shampoos?) can throw this all into question, quickly turning your bathroom from a sanctuary to another stressful thing on your to-do list.

This is where good storage is key. When it comes to bathrooms, which, generally, tend to be smaller than other rooms in the house, it's all about maximising the space that is available and getting smart with storage solutions - think hidden spots to store wicker baskets or new ways to jazz up your spare toilet rolls. Because, as any interiors expert will tell you, out of sight is best when it comes to bathroom clutter (yep, nobody needs to see your musty old razor.)

How can I optimise storage in a small bathroom?

Bathrooms can be tiny: fact. While the average size of a family bathroom in the UK is 2m x 2m, some of us are dealing with smaller spaces. Not to mention the fact that so many of us are renting and, potentially, sharing, which means queues for the bathroom, messy flatmates and lots of products.

Whether you've just embarked on your bathroom decluttering journey or you're a seasoned pro in need of some fresh inspiration, read on to discover Laura Price's, founder of The Home Organisation, eight best bathroom storage hacks - you might be surprised..

Here are the best bathroom storage ideas

1. Add a laundry basket

We typically think of laundry baskets in the bedroom, but Price explains that having one in the bathroom can help to keep your floor clear of the inevitable dropped clothes. If you don't have the floor space, she recommends using a washing bag hooked onto the back of the door.

2. Use mirror cabinets

Multi-functional storage is crucial when it comes to small spaces. One of the best ways to incorporate this into a bathroom is through a mirror cabinet, which doubles up as storage. 'They’re practical, look great and use up the dead space above your sink. Make sure you get one with a surround, so you’re not putting fingerprints on the glass every time you need to open it,' says Price.

3. Find new spaces

Utilising 'dead space' is key - or, find the hidden storage spots in bathrooms that don't get used to their full potential. One of these is the space under the sink. 'Just because you haven’t got built-in cabinets, doesn’t mean you can’t have storage under your sink. Opt for a standalone cabinet or a small set of stackable drawers to store cleaning products, spare toilet roll and bathroom essentials,' says Price.

Slightly less common is above the cistern. 'It doesn’t impact the floor plan and can really open up your storage options,' she adds. 'The space above the toilet is the perfect place for much needed bathroom storage. It’s not intrusive on your bathroom, so ideal if yours is on the smaller side. Use it to store spare toiletries, loo roll and any medicines or chemicals you don’t want touched by tiny hands,' says Price.

4. Store wisely

Bathroom cabinets have a habit of accumulating lots of stuff, but actually we should be thinking wisely about what we store there, particularly if we have a cramped or shared space. 'If you have a small bathroom, don’t store toiletries in it you only use once a month - it’s a waste of space. Instead, find space for [them] elsewhere in your home, like in your bedroom,' says Price.

When you're thinking about what makes the cut, be brutal. If it's going in the bathroom drawers ask yourself: is it necessary? If the answer is no, it might be that spare and less frequently used items can be stored somewhere else, freeing up space for the things that belong in the bathroom, says Price

5. Tuck away your toilet roll

As bathroom necessities go, toilet roll is one of the less glamorous ones. But if you have spare toilet rolls out on display, Price recommends storing them in a pretty woven basket, which is convenient and won't go out of style. Alternatively, you could tuck them away in a hanging woven bag or a macrame holder.

6. No loose products

Always contain your bath and shower products, says Price. 'Not only are shampoo bottles on the shower floor a trip hazard, but they also look untidy. Make sure you’ve got a caddy close by to keep all your products discreetly stored away,' she adds.

Also, consider whether they're easy to clean. 'Waterproof and wipeable are important features of bathroom storage, not only because of the damp and humidity, but because lotions and potions are liable to spill,' says Price.

7. Try stackable acrylic boxes

From baskets to cabinets, there are countless bathroom storage options on the market. If you're looking for one that ticks every box (excuse the pun), she recommends stackable acrylic boxes, which are the perfect solution for bathrooms. 'They come in different sizes, so you can find the best fit for your space. And because they’re acrylic, they’re easy to wipe clean if you have any spillages,' she says.

8. Go vertical

Last but certainly not least, when trying to optimise storage in smaller bathrooms, use vertical space. 'When space is short on the ground, we always say look up! Bathrooms can have tight floor plans with seemingly no additional space for storage, so it’s sensible to access your wall situation and see if you’ve got space for a shallow cabinet, towel rack or open shelves,' she says.

Now, time for a soak in the tub now that we've made a bit of space.

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