7 Pinterest Homeware Trends For Summer 2017 You Can Do On The Cheap

Is your flat in need of a bit of a summer sprucing? Might be time for a shower plant

7 Pinterest Homeware Trends For Summer 2017 You Can Do On The Cheap

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

I don’t know about you, but it’s about this time of year that I start to reassess my flat. Not with the intention to move or anything, because, lol, who can afford that, but with a view to not be bored of the way it looks anymore and perhaps make a bit of a change. Spruce things up, as they say.

Blame it on the fact that everything looks different now it’s actually light when I get home, or perhaps at my typically millennial inability to be truly content with what I’ve already got. Either way, I would like to hold my hands up and say that I’d like my house to look like an absolute Instragrammable interior dream, please. And I’d like it to look that way without having to spend a month’s salary every time my bedroom no longer looks worthy of a carefully crafted hashtag.

So, to help you do the same we looked to some of the most popular Pinterest homeware trends of the season. Here are some easy ones you can recreate when that bathroom wall just isn't doing it for you anymore.

1. Accessories as décor


I don’t know anyone other than Mary Poppins who owns a hat stand. You may also be wondering where on earth you’re meant to put things like bags, belts and scarves other than, erm, the space that spills out onto the floor from the base of your disorganised wardrobe? The answer, my messy friends, is the wall. Make a display of all the things you wear once (twice at a push) a year. All your hats need are a bit of string (or some nice wire like this) and some wooden clothes pegs and you’re away.

2. Acrylic makeup storage

makeup storage

If you've ever followed beauty bloggers in any sort of capacity you’ll probably already be very aware of this trendy way to store your makeup. If you’re anything like me, however, you’ve probably only gotten as far as staring in awe at beautifully organised vanity displays and never actually doing anything about creating one of your own. Until now. Muji are normally the go-to brand for this sort of thing but you can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon. Don’t bother buying loads, find one organiser you like and fill it with your prettiest, grime-free items for display and leave the other bits in the deep depths of your bedside drawer where they belong.

3. Shower plants


We all know that the biggest issue with having plants at home is remembering to water them, but did you ever think to put them in the bathroom? The theory is that the moisture and high humidity works really well for some types of greenery and thus means you don’t need to worry so much about watering on the regs. Also, they can help get rid of bacteria but give your bathroom a bit more of a spa vibe which is always nice. Just make sure you’ve got a window so a little light can get in. We’re big fans of the leafy cast-iron plants.

4. Bathroom wallpaper


The easiest way to completely transform a room? Dramatic wallpaper. And if you’ve got a particularly annoying landlord who's a bit funny about you changing things, never fear because removable wallpaper is here. There are loads of options over on Etsy and the more dramatic the better we say. Hey, it’s only temporary so you may as well. But if you’re looking for some specifically to jazz up your bathroom, just double check to see how well it’ll do in the post-shower humidity.

5. Vertical bar carts

bar cart

I imagine the main reason for so few of us owning a fully stocked, beautiful brass bar carts on wheels is, well, the dollar. But space is probably also a contributing factor. So, instead of the floor give the wall a bit of boozy love and attention. If you don’t have any already, get yourself a couple of floating shelves (easier to assemble than you’d think), paint them your favourite colour and pop some drinks on them. Simple. Keep the pretty empty bottles to get a bit of a display going.

6. Pink accents

pink accents

We can’t move for millennial pink at the moment. And if you can’t beat them, invite them into your home so you can feel part of the latest Instagram trend. Or something. There are loads of easy ways to introduce a new colour into the home. Go for a statement pillow or throw if you’re feeling committed to the cause, or you can just pick up a bunch of pink flowers and stand them pride of place to test the pastel pink waters.

7. Under the sink bathroom storage


Bathrooms are the hardest room to make look nice and remotely grown up. And a way to get around the hassle of calling in a plumber to try and fit a stand-alone bath in a 4x4ft space, you can start by hiding those ugly pipes under the sink. Get your housemates on board and split the cost of two corner shelf units like these Argos ones. Stand them around the pipe and voila, your bathroom looks a tiny bit less rubbish and you’ve got somewhere to store those bits and bobs lying around the rim of the bathtub.

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