7 Magical Things You Can Do With Fairy Lights

Fairy lights: not just for Christmas guys.

7 Magical Things You Can Do With Fairy Lights

by Natalia Bagniewska |

Everyone owns some, even if they’re stuffed in a box labeled ‘XMAS’ in the depths of your cupboard, covered in a layer of dust and more tangled than your hair is every morning. Why not dig them out, give them a dusting, untangle them and do some magical decorating with them…All you need is the lights and a plug socket.

1. Basics

Ok sure maybe not the most innovative of ideas but the absolute foundation of any fairy light decorating 101.. wrapping them around your headboard. Netflix and chill just got cosy… If you genuinely don't have any (don't believe you) then buy these guys .


2. Mason Jar

Pour out the old cereal that’s most definitely gone stale from your token mason jar, and stuff in some lights instead. Hey presto! A simple new side lamp. These jars are £1.35, so if you actually quite like your cereal buy a batch and get creating.


3. If you’re feeling crafty..

Drape a string of lights from the ceiling right down to the floor (tip: Hang them from the top of a curtain pole if you can). These awesome festoon lights complete the look.

festoon lights

4. If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space..

Create a faux log fire by covering a bowl of logs with some lights. Would also work well indoors in a fireplace. You could go as far as buying some fake logs if you wanted to.

fake logs

5. Minimal (or messy.. depending on how you look at it)

If you really can’t be arsed so untangle them why not just hang the bunch up on a peg? Or even lazier, throw on the floor and call it ‘art’.


6. If you’re into mirror selfies this one’s for you

Drape around your full length mirror to give you the softest/ warmest light. Those selfies never looked so good.

mirror lights

7. The classic

Update upper photo collage with fairy lights. Get some wooden pegs to attach your favourite pictures to the string. Ive done this before and blue tac keeps the lights on your wall.

fairy lights

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