15 Ethical Homeware Bits For Under £15 To Buy For Your Flat

Guilt-free shopping at its finest

15 Things To Buy For Your Flat That Will Also Save The World

by Aimee Jakes |

We all want to do our bit, don’t we? Us millennials have had it drummed into us since we were as tall as a chest of drawers that the planet is turning to shit and our great-great-great-grand children are probably doomed, or according to Busted, will be living underwater. You want to help, but don't really know how.

One thing you can do is check yourself before you buy things. How ethical was the process of creating that IKEA lamp and getting it to your house? Who knows, you bought it because it looked nice but hey, you have already had your dreams dashed of owning your own 3-bed semi, so you at least want your flat-share to look pretty.

Luckily, the ethical homeware market is growing so, with a bit of careful shopping you can make sure your homeware purchases leave less of an imprint on the planet and the communities from whence they came.

1) Frames, £12.95, Decorators Notebook


Why scrapbook when you can show off your memories in these super-cool picture frames? Made by Nkuku, who claim 'All their suppliers meet or exceeded fair trade guidelines and provide safe, pleasant and sustainable working environments.'

2) Spatulas, £12.95, Liv


I never knew I wanted a cat-shaped spatula until now. Now I really, really want one. These are made from locally sourced Northumberland hardwood taken from natural falls and storm damage.

3) Yuzu and green tea candle, £12.50, Natural collection


These owl candles are vegan and handmade in the UK. Pop one in every nook and cranny of your flat and create a zen-like paradise that Miranda Kerr would envy.

4) Coffee cup chalkboard, £11.99, Protect the planet


Whether you want to use it to remind yourself you have run out of almond milk (although just how ethical that is with it's huge use of water consumption is also questionable), inspire yourself with a scrawly nugget of wisdom – the possibilities with this are endless. It’s also made from recycled crushed coffee cups.

5) Tea towels, £11.00. Liv

tea towel

These super artsy tea-towels are made from 100% organic cotton and will make you look like you have your shit together when dinner guests come round.

6) Bamboo & Lacquer dip bowls, £5.20, Liv

dip bowls

These bowls are made from fairly traded bamboo which has been dubbed the ‘super material of the 21st century’ because of its glowing reputation as an eco-friendly crop. Almost too good to squeeze your garlic mayo in.

7) Aketa Terratium, £14.95, Nkuku


Vases are so last year. Not only can you grow plants in these badboys, but they're also handmade from zinc and glass meaning for a very ethical choice indeed.

8) Vintage advertising milk bottles, £6.00, Little House in Town

milk bottles

Add a sprinkle of nostalgia to your kitchen with these recycled 1980’s milk bottles. You can use them for a DIY edgy-as-fuck vase (I did tell you traditional vases are out) or for actual milk if you so like.

9) Teardrop mugs, £8.50, Little House in Town


A tear-drop mug which is not in the slightest tear-jerking. Handmade, hand painted, Fairtrade AAAND less than a tenner. Drink your tea whilst grinning ear to ear.

10) Glass goblet, £10, Biome lifestyle

glass goblet

Swig back some pumpkin juice from this glass goblet and bluff your way as Hermione Granger. This goblet is made from 100% recycled glass and brought to the UK by sea freight to minimise carbon emissions.

11) Wire wall shelf, £10.50, Biome Lifestyle


Never lose your keys/letters/phone bill again. This cutesy wall shelf is Fairtrade from India and made from recycled wire.

12) Ceramic jug, £10, Portch


These sea green jugs are part of a fair trade project, which gives training and secure employment to artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds

13) Heart cheese board, £16, Traidcraft


Add some love to your wine and cheese night. This cheese board is made from 6 types of natural wood: mango, papri tune, Haldu, Babool and sheesham.

14) Frog bottle holder, £20, Voyage fair trade

bottle holder

This wine holder would even make your pinot grigio look the bomb. It’s carved from Jempinis wood by a skilled fair trade artisan Nyoman, who lives in Bali.

15) Pencil pot holder, £5.25, Voyage Fair trade

pencil pot

Not just for Primary School Teachers, this pencil pot will add some ‘edgy’ art vibes to your desk. The pot is made from recycled coloured pencils that have been collected from schools in the town of Sarai Tarin near Delhi, India.

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