11 Homeware Bits To Buy For Your House For Under £20

Your house might be shit but the stuff inside it doesn't have to be.

11 Homeware Bits To Buy For Your House For Under £10

by Jess Commons |

Just because you're paying upwards of two thirds your salary to live in the shithole you're currently renting, doesn't mean it has to look like a shithole.

See, even if you've got no money, there's affordable homeware out there that can cover up all manner of housing sins and make your horrible horrible box room in Clapton look like a warehouse loft in Stockholm.

1. This Wire Basket

Good for stashing that crap that doesn’t look very pretty. Like hair straightners.


Flying Tiger__, £3

2. This Hanging Plant Pot

Because if you’ve got no shelves (do you know how to put up shelves?) where are you going to put your houseplants?

hanging pot

Rockett St. George__, £9.99

3. This Octopus Tea Towel

This is not the one to use to mop up the spilt bottle of red wine. Housemates take note.

tea towel

Trouva__, £9.95

4. This Hello Lamp

An ode to Adele or a polite way of providing ambience lighting in your room?


Primark__, £12

5. This Photo Clip Wire

For when you’re too grown up to tape pictures to the wall but not grown up enough to buy them individual frames.

clip wire

Urban Outfitters, £10

6. This Copper Terrarium

To display your mini cacti. Obvs. Fill with some nice looking rocks and moss and stuff too. It’ll totally make up for not having a garden.


Festive Lights, £16.99

7. This brutally honest bookend

Because you haven't read all of them have you? And you're probably not going to read all of them. They look nice though.


H&M, £9.99

8. This Candlestick

Perfect for giving your crappy hand-me-down kitchen table the air of a fancy restaurant.


H&M, £7.99

9. These Pineapple Candles

Because if you can't afford a summer holiday, at least you can have one in your flat.


Rockett St. George, £8

10. This milk bottle nightlight

You dont' need a nightlight because you're scared. You need a nightlight because you're drunk and good at crashing into things.


The Little House Shop, £8

11. These frames


Because they're cute.

Rose & Grey, £11.95

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