Your Complete Guide On How To Stop Killing All Your Houseplants

Live little plant babies, live.

Your Complete Guide On How To Stop Killing All Your Plants

by Alyss Bowen |
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Houseplants are basically the bane of millennial existence. We love them, we treat them like children, we nurture them, then we kill them. Not on purpose, obviously, because that would be plant murder – but looking after a plant is hard, hard work. It's basically a starter job for getting a pet. Or a baby (that's right isn't it?). You either give it too much love (read: water) and over-water it, or you forget it exists because it sits near your sink and that’s probably the area you visit least in your shared flat.

WATCH: Nik Southern, Founder of Grace and Thorn, Tells Us How To Look After Our Plants

So, let’s help shall we. Introducing your plantionary. Here you will find tons of useful tips and tricks to keep those plant babies alive, so go forth and be green. Live little plant babies, live.

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