These Houseplants Will Bring All The Good Vibes

Because sometimes you need a horticultural hand achieving your zen

Houseplants For Good Vibes

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Houseplants can do lots of things besides covering obscure stains on the walls, cracks on the skirting boards and mould in the corner. They can help purify the gross polluted air, rescue a dire, grotty bathroom situation and turn your home into something exceedingly Pinterest worthy. But beyond that, they also bring the really good vibes to any interior situation.

I'm not being facetious, either. There's a little something to that feeling of being just a little bit more at peace with the world (or your bedroom, at least) when there's some friendly greenery in it. You know how there's been research into how being outdoors with nature can do wonders for your mental health? Well bringing the outside indoors can bring good energy too.

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You can never have too many positive vibes, so in the spirit of being zen and our unwavering love of potted plants, here are some nice ones that might bring an extra dose of positive energy to your life.


Debrief Houseplants For Good Vibes

Houseplants For Good Vibes
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In feng shui, they talk a lot about 'lucky bamboo', and while purchasing a bamboo plant a plopping it in the middle of your room won't suddenly turn you into a master of the art, we can certainly appreciate the fact that it's been used as a symbol of vitality, good fortune and prosperity for thousands of years.

Houseplants For Good Vibes
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You're probably pretty familiar with the benefits of things like lavender oil in aromatherapy and stuff - it helps relax, is meant to improve sleep and some believe it helps blood circulation too. So, having a pot of the real deal IRL can't hurt.

Houseplants For Good Vibes
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I best you didn't know that basil releases oxygen for about 20 hours or so a day? It's super purifying, absorbs toxins and is believed to get rid of negative energy. Also, they're super cheap to buy.

Houseplants For Good Vibes
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Ivy is the king of air purification and as we said, the elimination of toxins play a big part in enhancing your good energy. Back in the day people used to pop them in doorways to promote good health and good luck. Worth a try?

Houseplants For Good Vibes
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Word on the street is that orchids will help you get restful sleep. Their oxygen release tends to happen in the night time so plonk one of these in your bedroom to aid better kip. According to feng shui, they also attract positive energy to your home, the type that contributes to romance and the big L.O.V.E.

Houseplants For Good Vibes
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Fragrant flowers are a bit of a theme in this list. In Persia the jasmine is considered to be extra special because of it's ability to enhance self-esteem, stimulate the mind and strengthen relationships. It's a powerful one.

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The clue is in the name, guys. The peace lily is believed to help you grow spiritually, physically and mentally. Their pointy leaves are meant to help the flow of energy around your home and, on a practical level, they're really easy to look after.

Houseplants For Good Vibes
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Not only super easy to take care of, the Spider Plant (or Chlorophytum variegatum if you're feeling fancy) is also a plant that purifies the air. PLUS you can get one from Lidl for just £2.79 at the moment - win win!

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The ZZ Plant

Full name Zamioculas Zamiifolia. Strength: happy in the dark. Like, with no natural light at all. Weakness: won't grow in the dark, but it won't die either.


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