Houseplant Hack: Everything You Need To Know About Pilea Plants

Looking to diversify your houseplant game? Us too. And we’re big fans of the ever so pretty Chinese money plant

Everything You Need To Know About Pilea Plants

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The great thing about houseplants is that the instantly make your flat look a lot less shit than it might be. A cactus here, a snake plant there, and all of a sudden that damp patch on the wall in the corner doesn’t look anywhere near as depressing as it did before. And while all houseplants are lovely, we’ve noticed that there’s a particular pot that’s been given the seal of Instagram approval and we’re getting on board.

Let us introduce you to the pilea peperomiode. Or should we say re-introduce you to because these little guys probably look super familiar, right? They’re pretty distinctive. And if you’re thinking of adding one to your existing family of houseplants, you’re in luck. We’ve taken some time to get to know what they like (and don’t like) and how to keep ‘em alive.

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Is a pilea peperomiodes the same as a Chinese money plant?

You were trying to figure out how to pronounce it too? Don’t worry, the pilea peperomiodes goes by many names that include the Chines money plant, the pancake plant (because the leaves look a bit like pancakes) and the missionary plant. Take your pick.

Okay, so what is a Chinese money plant?

It’s a plant that originated in, yes you guessed it, China and became particularly popular for it’s big flat pancake style leaves. It grows and propagates super easily too which is probably why so many people enjoy having it as a key player in the indoor plant game.

Everything You Need To Know About Pilea Plants
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How big are Chinese money plants?

They tend to say pretty petite – they’re not the sort to take over you’re entire house but on average can get to about 30-40 cms in high which is manageable.

How to look after a Chinese money plant at home

As with most plants, you need to think about the conditions it lived in way back before it found itself trying to survive in your damp, dark apartment. One thing these guys love is light. But not direct sunlight because that’s a bit too much. Try and keep it in a consistently warm room with nice big windows but out of the way of the sun’s rays.

How often do I water a Chinese money plant?

If you’re heavy handed on the watering you might want to take note because you’re pretty pilea won’t last very long if you don’t I’m afraid. Pilea like their soil to be kept fairly moist and Houseplant Central recommend watering just once (yes, once) a week in the winter and twice a week in the summer. Don’t over do it mate.

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