Everything You Need To Know About The Trendy Cheese Plant

Did you know they are poisonous to cats and dogs?

Cheese Plant House Plant

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

A houseplant hierarchy exists. Really, it does. You’ve got your general mid-level cool plants – the humble cactus, the friendly snake plant and of course the slightly laborious terrarium. But the king of the indoor jungle is clearly the cheese plant. Just see every Instagram influencer’s interior posts. Whether you fancy one, have one, or just want to know what the big deal is about, here's everything you need to know.

What are cheese plants?

Cheese plants, also know as the Swiss cheese plant, is a plant that originated in southern Mexico. If you don’t know it by its original name, Monstera Deliciosa, you’ll definitely recognise it by appearance. Beautiful big green leaves that look a bit like, you guessed it, Swiss cheese. Kind of.

Can they live outside?

Here's the thing, indoor plants generally be the ones that are used to tropical humid climates so, in the not so sunny, not very hot United Kingdom, outside isn't really the best place to pop a plant that's used to the intense heat. That being said, the cheese plant could probably survive for a time. But I wouldn't risk it mate. They're too nice.

How often should I water a cheese plant?

They do best with occasional watering. If you're potting it yourself, make sure you water it thoroughly in the first instance and then leave it for a couple of weeks before watering again and then continue to do so every two weeks or so. Don't drown it (i.e. don't keep pouring the water until it overflows, make sure it looks like it's being absorbed by the soil). But to be on the safe side, just make sure you're testing the soil with your finger tips and if it feels dry, that's probably a clue that it's a little bit thirsty.

Where can I find artificial cheese plants?

I mean, nothing is quite like the real deal of course, but if you're really good at killing your plants, I understand why you'd want to take this route. You could get one off of old trusty Amazon for £32.99, or even good ol' B&M have them if you're working with a budget. There's also IKEA (£29) and NEXT (£150) for more authentic replicas.

How large do cheese plants get?

They can get really, really big you guys. That is, of course, if you look after it properly. According to the houseplantexpert.co.uk, they can get to a maximum height of 10 metres but in reality, in our flats, it'd be good going to grow one to about 1.5/2 metres before it starts taking over your entire home.

Are cheese plants poisonous to cats and dogs?

Yes. Yes, they are. Sorry. According to the ASPCA (American Society For The Protection Of Cruelty To Animals), they are toxic to both cats and dogs so unless you intend to fence it off to protect from pet nibbling, you might want to think twice for the safety of your furry friends.

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Bloombox Club, Satin Pothos. £18.99
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The Bloombox Club offers a variety of quirky, rare and pretty indoor plants. You know what's even better? They package in environmentally-conscious materials.

Bloom & Wild, The Pachira Money Tree, £38
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Bloom & Wild are our go-to for flower deliveries, but did you know they did houseplants too? Get your plant of choice delivered to your doorstep with a free gift card and handy care tips included.

John Lewis & Partners, The Little Botanical Succulent Plant Gang, £38
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John Lewis has a great collection of super stylish and easy-to-care-for houseplants. This little Succulent gang is adorable don't you think? They look amazing on their own but also fab grouped together.

Crocus, Echeveria starter collection, £23.94
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Here is where I think you'll find pretty much everything you could possibly ask for when it comes to plant shopping. They've got a fully comprehensive range of houseplants - We're talking more than 4000 varieties. Delivery charge wise, you're looking at £4.99 if you want a full plant (as opposed to just the seedsu2026

Patch Plants, Susie Plant, From £10
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Patch helps you discover the best plants for your space, delivers them to your door AND helps you look after them, what a dream.

RHS Plants, Cordyline fruticosa 'Kiwi', £16.68
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Yes that's right! You can actually buy plants from the Royal Horticulture Society online (and they're pretty good too). Get this beauty for £16.68.

Soho Home, Chinese Money Plant & Fractured Blue Pot, £32
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Soho Home partnered with Leaf Envy to launch an incredible collection of houseplants and handcrafted pots. This Chinese Money plant is everything you're looking for. It's easy to care for, air purifying, and comes in a hand-crafted fractured pot. Pretty cool right?

Bakker, Banana Plant Musa 'Oriental Dwarf' Including Scented Decorative Pot, £14.99
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Bakker sells both real and artificial plants online, this (real) banana plant and scented pot set are just £13.49.

House Of Plants, Jungle King, £61
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House Of Plants has a wide range of both house and outdoor plants - helpfully divided by categories such as plants for bright spots, plants for dark places, and trailing plants.


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MADE, Lareta Set of 2 Texured Planters, Burnt Orange & White Speckle, £62
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If you consider yourself a plant parent, then you'll know they deserve the best.

Oliver Bonas, Ulu Yellow Ceramic Saucer & Plant Pot, £22.50
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H&M, Large Wooden Plant Pot, £29.99
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Mango wood always looks really expensive (but isn't thanks to H&M!).

MADE.com, Surat Planter, £39
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Note the vertical stripes, the organic silhouette and that marble-effect glaze.

Amazon, Bloomingville Flowerpot Blue Stoneware, £17
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This Amazon bargain has 94 5* reviews.

Oliver Bonas, Grey & Gold Foiled Base Plant Pot Medium, £22.50
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Due to the application technique of the metallic foil, each piece has a unique finish.

John Lewis & Partners, Stoneware Geometric Planters Set of 2, £25
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These plant pots are made from a strong stoneware base with a sleek ceramic finish.

H&M, Bubbled plant pot, £17.99
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A high street bestseller.

Amazon, La Jolu00ede Muse Plant Pot Indoor Ceramic Flower Pot 2 Pack, £29.99
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This pack of 2 works for both indoors and out.

Amara, IITTALA Nappula Plant Pot Beige, £60
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These planters add height to your favourite greenery.

MADE.com, Toppu Plant Pot, £69
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Organic and minimalistic, it's all handmade – including those sculptural handles. We love the earthy tone, too.

Amazon, Bloomingville Flowerpot Green Stoneware, £16.20
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Green and gold should always be seen.

Anthropologie, Large Grecian Bust Pot, £36
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If you love history and looking for a way to bring your passion into your home, then this Glenda pot is the perfect place to start!

Etsy, Rebel Plants Handmade Green Ceramic Plant Pot, from £13.99
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Shop small with these handmade Etsy finds.

MADE.com, Kofi Set Of 2 Sculpted Planters With Stands, WAS £140 NOW £98
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These black and wooden planters are heavy on discount and heavy on style.

Amazon, Bloomingville Flowerpot White Stoneware, £11.50
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Amazon have a great selection of Bloomingville pots.

John Lewis & Partners, LSA International Canopy Self-Watering Planter, £90
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For £90 I'd want that pot to water the plants itsel- oh wait... this one DOES.

Oliver Bonas, Bali Natural Rattan Plant Stand Large, £55
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Pop a favourite plant and its pot into this plant stand to update your home with a tropical touch.

Anthropologie, Yuma Pot, £56
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Inspired by the colours found in nature and its elements, these planters crafted from clay and carefully dipped in a glaze by hand work to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

Trouva, Ruut Home Medium Mojave Plant Pot With Drainage, £33
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From London based studio Ruut Home, these jesmonite pots are perfect companions to your house plants.

Dunelm, Sulu Small Rattan Effect Plant Pot Stand, £15
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An affordable way to give your plants a makeover.

Terracotta Flower Pot 18 cm
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This terra-cotta pot and making saucer are a great way to add a colour pop to your shelves.

John Lewis & Partners, Serax Seagrass Pot Sea Green Medium, £15
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Made from earthenware, this Serax pot is glazed with green tones and textures to evoke a feeling of being at the sea.

MADE.com, Lafant  Set of 2 Abstract Patterned Planters, WAS £75 NOW £54
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Statement accessory? Right here.

Trouva, Madam Stolz Pink Ruffled Cylinder Ceramic Plant Pot, £20
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The powder pink plant pot by Madam Stoltz features a row of ruffles on each side making this piece a truly unique and playful addition to any home.

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