Houseplant Hacks: Everything You Need To Know About African Voilets

If you didn't think houseplants could be trendy, African Violets will prove you wrong

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If there's a simple way to make your house look a million times better and more grown up, its throwing a few houseplants into the mix. Well, simple until it comes to looking after them.

The first place to start, of course, is knowing which plants to invest your time, love and affection in in the first place. And while cacti are cool and succulents have been having a bit of a moment, we're getting some good vibes from the beautiful African Violets. Why, you ask? Because they produce beautiful purple flowers and we hear purple is going to be the colour of 2018. So, here's everything you need to know before you go off and buy one.

What Are African Violets?

African Violets are a houseplant, obvs, which also goes by the name of saintpaulia. They originated over in the tropics of East Africa and look really cute. They can actually produce different colour flowers - white, pink and red versions are all a thing - but we're big fans of the electric purple.

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How Often Should African Violets Be Watered?

Nowhere near as frequently as you'd imagine, my friends. The plant bible says you want to keep the compost moist but don't go watering it all willy nilly just because. Make sure the surface is dry before you water it. Room temperature water, please. And make sure it doesn't touch the leaves.

How Big Do African Violets Get?

They stay pretty petite, which is ideal if you're looking for something relatively low maintenance for your teeny tiny bedroom. They tend to be able to grow to about 4inches tall and 8 inches wide which we think is a lovely size.

How Long Do African Violets Live?

Come on now. You know that's very much dependent on how seriously you take the whole 'looking after my plant' thing. You'll be happy to hear that they're known to live for 50 years or so with the proper care. So if after reading this you're little guy bites the dust, chances are you'll want to have another read mate.

Are African Violets Poisonous To Cats?

Nope, your pet friend is safe if you decide to introduce an African Violet to your house. In fact, African Violets are totally fine to eat yourself if you so wish.

How Often Do African Violets Bloom?

The idea is that they bloom pretty much all the time. But if you find that you've got lots of new leaves and no new flowers, you're probably not giving it the light it needs. It needs quite a lot of it mind. You want lots of bright indirect light where you can (anything too intense will pretty much fry your leaves off and no body wants that).

Where Can I Buy African Violets?

All over the place! They're pretty cheap too. You're probably best heading to your local garden centre (remember those!) and picking some up from there. But if you're looking to order online, you can get some from Waitrose for £7.99 or from garden specialist Suttons for about £5.99.

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