7 Houseplant Instagram Accounts To Give You Serious Palm Envy

Palms, cacti and succulents. Oh my. It's the Instagram accounts of your dreams.

7 House Plant Instagram Accounts To Give You Serious Palm Envy

by Jess Commons |

Want to fill your life with wonderful houseplants but don't have the cash, space or the get up and go to do so? Live viariously through these amazing Instagram accounts from people that do.

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1. Plants On Pink

Does what it says on the tin. Plants. On. Pink


Pic: @Plantsonpink

2. The Jungalow

Craft, interiors and plant blogger designer Justina Blakeney is the mastermind behind this super beautiful account.


Pic: @TheJungalow

3. West and Wild

Just a collection of sick plant shots. Do you need any more?


Pic: Westandwild

Urban Jungle Blog

These dudes are a collective of plant based bloggers who share ideas across the globe on how to make spaces green and pretty.


Pic: @Urbanjungleblog

House Of Plants

Rose and Caro are indoor plant based stylists. Which sounds like an excellent job.


Pic: @Houseofplants

Conservatory Archives

These 'project plant specialists' (what?) have an Insta so green you can actually see photosynthesis occuring.


Pic: @Conservatory_Archives

London Terrariums

These terrarium makers have made quite a big splash in London and now hold classes and parties where you too can make your own terrarium. Good luck making your house as good as their studio though.


Pic: @LondonTerrariums

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