Wickes: The Story of a Bedroom Corner

We sat down with Grazia’s interiors expert Rachel Loos to find out how to create the perfect feel-good bedroom

Wickes Bedroom

by Grazia |

If there is one room that is key to our well-being right now, it is the bedroom. It's the place where we go to sleep but also to rest, relax and regroup. But how do you make the ultimate feel-good bedroom? We asked Rachel Loos, Grazia’s interiors expert.

"Paint is key to creating a beautiful bedroom and this room is a brilliant example of the impact it can have," says Rachel. "Paint can help bring out your personality - this space, for example, is all about girlie gorgeousness. The colour choice has also nailed the perfect bedroom vibe as it also feels so wonderfully calming."

Go Pink

"Bedrooms need restful colours to encourage us to relax and fall off to sleep and this lovely soft, pastel pink does just that," says Rachel. The pink, called Poetic Pink, is part of Wickes' range of paints that is available in over 80 lovely colours. "Used as a feature wall, the pink is a contrast to the neutral shade of the bed and bedside table so the elegant curves and decorative detail of both the headboard and table really stand out."

Into The Blue

Colour psychologists recommend blue for bedrooms as being the hue of the sea and the sky. It creates a warm, happy and tranquil mood. "That's certainly the case in this bedroom where the remaining walls have been painted in pale blue," says Rachel. The blue is Cloud by Wickes and is available in both the Walls & Ceilings and Tough & Washable ranges. "A similarly soft shade to the pink, it beautifully complements the colour," adds Rachel.

White Out

"Painting floorboards white is a brilliant way to revamp them quickly and easily," says Rachel. "A white floor also reflects natural light so it's a great solution for rooms that need help to feel brighter."

Soft Touch

"Texture is important in any room but particularly in a bedroom, where you want to feel cocooned," says Rachel. "Mix your materials from brushed cotton to silk. On the floor, a sheepskin rug not only looks soft, it feels lovely under bare feet."

Finishing Touches

"From the vintage light to the candlestick on the bedside table and the vase of flowers, it's the small details that finish off the room," says Rachel. "Here, the metallic tones of the light are a variation on the darker neutrals found in the room, and together they work stylishly with the colours of the walls."

Making It Yours

If you're looking to paint your bedroom – or any room in your home, Wickes has everything you need.

Wickes' range of paints includes shades of white, neutrals, blues, greens and brights, as well as five different finishes including Walls & Ceilings, Kitchen (resistant to moisture) and Bathroom (withstands moisture and mould) .

For more inspiration, take a look at the Wickes paint brochure. Wickes offers plenty of advice and ideas too!

Wickes also sells Dulux product ranges including Standard, Easycare Washable and Tough, Easycare Bathroom and Easycare Kitchen.

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