Try This DIY Boot Camp Workout At Home

The summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean all of the summer fun needs to stop!

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The summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean all of the summer fun needs to stop! We’ve teamed up with Currys PC World and JBL to help you #ExtendYourSummer. This week, we caught up with PT Lara Painting to find out how you and your friends can host your own Bootcamp work out in your own home.

Of course, you’re going to need some music to work out to. We recommend you get your mits on either the JBL Charge, the JBL Xtreme or the JBL Flip 3 from Currys PC World. These wireless, Bluetooth speakers boast great sound and are ultra-compact, so they’re perfect if you’re on the go!

Now you’ve got your music, what work out is best for you?

1. If I haven’t got fancy gym equipment, are there any regular, household items I can use?

“The best utensil is your own body which you can take anywhere. If you can, buy a yoga mat, that and your body is all you need. If you can’t afford a yoga mat use a towel.

If you really want to do weighted exercise - 2 tins of beans would work as dumb bells, just ensure that they are of equal weight and size.”

2. What’s the best way to warm up at home?

“You don’t need high intensity to warm up. All you need to do is increase your range of motion and increase your heart rate, so do each of the following for 1 minute:

  • March on the spot: lifting your knees and really sweeping the arms to generate heat

  • Squat and Reach: bend at the knees and reach to the ceiling to create heat and a full body stretch

  • Side to Side lunge: feet wide apart turning toes out and lean from side to side stretching the inner thighs.”

3. I don’t want to work out alone. What can I do at home with my friends?

“The beauty of working out with friends or partners is that it becomes a lot more fun, energising and motivational. Excuses are limited, as your friends won’t stand for them; you are fully accountable and encouraged and let’s face it a bit of competition always spurs better results. Here are some great exercises you can do in pairs:

  • Squat throw: Squat and throw with a pillow (household item of your choice) to your partner (can be done in lunges as well)

  • Sit up throw: Sit up and pass the pillow to your partner

  • Wheelbarrow Push up: The one person in wheelbarrow does a press up while the partner holding the feet does a squat

  • Plank and Reach: Holding a plank - head to head - reaching arm to touch other persons shoulder

  • Sit up and clap: hook feet and sit up and clap hands at the top or reach towards each others hands

  • Crunch and Reach: 1st person does a sit up. 2nd person stands and holds hands in varying position for 1st person to reach / punch lightly.”

4. Which workout is best for weight loss, toning up and being generally fitter?

“In general, if you can maintain constant exercise for a period of 30 minutes 5 times per week you are more likely to succeed in weight loss, toning up and being fitter. The bigger you make the movements, the more calories you are going to burn, so GO LARGE. However, the thing about exercising is it’s not a quick fix. What you want to be thinking about is sustainability that makes you look, move and feel great.

Exercising on it’s own will contribute to the above, however you need to look at your diet as well. Loosing weight, looking toned and feeling better will be a direct result of:

  • reducing “added sugar” intake,

  • increasing your greens (dark green leafy veg – eat as much as you like)

  • increasing your water.

Regular water intakes will hydrate the body, which means that it will no longer want to store water, not knowing when the next dose of hydration will occur. This in turns reduces the bloated look. In addition, you cannot have a flat stomach is you don’t cleanse your digestive system. Increasing water and greens will increase your ability to go to the loo more comfortably and more often meaning the food you’ve eaten is not fermenting in your intestines and causing you to bloat.

Reducing stress in your life, by eating healthily, getting an adequate number of hours sleep (7-9 hours) and taking time to focus on yourself are also key factors in weight loss, toning up and being fitter.”

We can’t wait to start working out with our mates, and we’re TOTALLY on board with reducing the stress and getting more sleep…

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