Taking Tech In To The Bath Is A Terrible Idea, But Here’s How To Do It If You Must

Because watching New Girl in the bath is an absolute necessity.


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Obviously, if you were a good person then you’d totally read an old-fashioned book in the bath and, while you might still do this on occasion, most of the time your bathroom accompaniment is Don't Tell The Bride on your iPad or reading said book on your Kindle, because life is short and you like to live dangerously.

Here’s how to have a bath and not destroy your expensive goods*…

Invest in waterproofing goods

Perhaps the best idea out of this whole sorry concept, invest in some actual products designed to allow you to watch telly in the bath or hold your Kindle precariously over a tub of hot water. First up, there's this bonkers inflatable pillow that holds your phone in front of you (while waterproofing it also) and secondly, check out this nifty bag that’ll hang over the shower head and create a budget version of a wall-mounted flatscreen TV. Whether you can bring yourself to spend actual money on this endevour though is another thing. Alternatively, you could just use a Ziploc bag – we’re not responsible for how well this works, though.

Get a bath caddy

Once just for the over-60s, bath caddies these days come with a holder for your glass of wine and an adjustable shelf, which means you can angle your iPad to optimum position like this snazzy one. Others have suggested placing a piece of wood or plastic across your bath as a sort of makeshift caddy but, quite frankly, unless you're planning on securing it with a whole bunch of Duck Tape, this is literally the worst idea ever. Steer clear.

Get yourself a bluetooth speaker

Everyone should have one of these anyways, but they’re especially useful in the bathroom to hear The Good Wife over the extractor fan. Since you don't need to plug them in, you can place them far and away from the reach of the water. Alternatively, if you have no money and are trying to listen to your phone rather than watch it, place your phone in the (DRY) sink and the basin will work as an amplified. Not ideal if you've got a leaky tap. Also, check out these waterproof shower speakers.

Create towel-mageddon

There aren’t enough towels in the world to make putting your very expensive tech products near hot water completely safe, but they will certainly help. Whichever surface you put your tech product on is liable to get steamy, so combat the old water in the hard drive situation by placing a towel underneath it. Also, have a towel handy to dry your fingers on first in case you have to adjust the volume of something because we're 900 per cent convinced that the whole putting your wet tech in a bag of rice to get it going again thing is a myth. Happy bathing, folks.

*I’m taking absolutely no responsibility for your clumsiness. You drop your phone in the bath and that’s on you. Don’t come crying to me over water-logged tech.

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