Practise Safe Drinking: Use A Wine Condom And More Clever Clogs Food Storing Ideas

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Yep, wine condoms are going to be a thing. A mother-and-son team (weird?) in Texas have joined Kickstarter and are looking for backers for their new invention. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

The new invention means that, in the very rare instance that you find yourself unable to finish a bottle of wine, it won't have to go to waste. The wine condom's a tight fitting, plastic covering that’s rolled down the neck of the bottle to form a layer of protection, exactly like a condom. Those guys. What jokers eh? Here’s some more clever food-saving ideas.

Give Greens A Chance


Srsly, who’s ever managed to eat a whole one of those packets of pre-washed green leaves? Those things are destined to find themselves half-finished and wilted at the bottom of the bin. Instead, bung the leftovers in a Tupperware and lay a dry paper towel over the top – it keeps the leaves crispy.

Save Your Sandwich From The Curse Of The Sog


Bringing a sandwich into work takes serious morning commitment, and for that – kudos my friend. It’s always pretty unfair then, that come 1PM you find your cucumber has turned your breaded treat into a soggy mess. To rectify, pack each component in separate bags and put together when you’re ready to eat. The environment won’t thank you but your taste buds will.

Stop Squishy Onions, Once And For All


GUYS, hands up if your tights drawer is full of holey tights that annoy you every time you put them on. Don’t throw them out. Instead, repurpose them to become onion storers. For reals. Pop an onion in and tie a knot, then pop the next one in and tie another knot – and so on. The free-flowing air around them means they can last up to about eight (yep really) months.

Make Wilted Herbs A Distant Memory


This herb saver's totally worth £12.11. Think about it. If a sprig of fresh coriander’s going to cost you nearly £2 a go (gosh darn you cornershop) – and you’re only going to use a quarter of it – this nifty gadget’ll pay for itself in no time. Also, it looks a bit like the thing that stores the rose in _Beauty And The Beas_t, so there’s that too.

May Your Stew Live On To Go Forth And Share Its Deliciousness


All that leftover delicious jus from the last stew you cooked? Once you’ve had your fill drinking it cold out of the pan the next morning (no judgement), pour the rest into an ice cube tray, freeze, and use as meaty delicious flavouring in the next thing you cook.

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