How To Make DIY Bathroom Poo Spray

For poo that never smells, ever.

How To Make DIY Poop Spray

by Mari Santos |

Have you ever taken a shit and been like,'OK, this pound shop after-thought spray is not going to work, why did I do this and why am at my new boyfriend’s house and this is horrible, please kill me now?'

Well, what if I told you that thought is now a thing of the past, and that you can make your own spray that forms a shield between the scent of your number two to the outside world? Read on

You will need: your favourite essential oil(s) (I’m using lavender because I’m skint but you can mix ‘em up to create something fancy), rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, and some bottled water. If you want the spray to show up in the bowl, food colouring will do the trick.

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Pour a tablespoon of alcohol into a spray bottle.

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Add 15 - 30 drops of the oil. Pure drops work better than mixed blends.

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Shake it up and make inappropriate jokes about this gif.

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Add about 1/4 cup of water to the mixture.

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Add food colouring.

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Shake, repeat inappropriate joke.

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Spray toilet water 5 times before doing your business.

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Enjoy the fresh scent and barrier that the oil has now provided you. For protection on the go, you can make/pour the mix in a small glass dropper bottle and keep it in your purse. Go forth and may your poo always smell like lavender fields.

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