6 Easy Ways To Insulate Your Shit, Drafty Bedroom This Winter

Because turning the heating up full blast isn’t always an option

6 Easy Ways To Insulate Your Shit, Drafty Bedroom This Winter

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Another year, another bout of freezing cold weather that, despite its annual occurrence, always seems to catch us by surprise. If you’re lucky enough to be living in a fully functioning, heat-retaining house then the struggle ends pretty much as soon as you walk through the door. But, if like many of us you’re having to survive in a poorly put together flat that for some reason remains perpetually colder than the outside world, going home simply means shivering your tits off in the confines of your damp and mouldy walls.

Beyond trying to either convince your landlord that yes, some structural work needs to be done to the flat or attempting to come up with thousands of pounds yourself, the plight of surviving rented accommodation in winter can seem pretty daunting. But we’ve found some surprisingly simple (and affordable) solutions that might make your bedroom that little bit warmer and trust us, when the temperature drops to 2 degrees, every little really does help.

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1. Get a cute little draft stopper

Is it just me or does the concept of a stuffed animal draft stopper seem really retro? Nevertheless, they’re super effective. Pop one at the bottom of your bedroom door and even along your windowsill if you’re feeling a bit of a breeze there too. The cuter the better. Our favourite has to be those shaped like a sausage dog.

2. Power to the rug

Bare floors? Not ideal, friends. According to the National Energy Foundation, you can lose a whole 10% of heat through floors that aren’t insulated. If you’re renting it’s probably going to be pretty hard to work out how well (if at all) your floors are insulated but popping a snazzy rug down can definitely contribute to making a room that little bit warmer.

3. Time to upgrade your curtains

Okay popping a few sausage dog draft stoppers around the place is one thing, but another slightly more grown-up way to limit drafts from rubbish single glazed windows is to up your curtain game. If they’re thin and flimsy or if you don’t have any at all (shout out to everyone who’s getting by with broken blinds) then you’re not really helping yourself. It might be time to have a word with your parents and ask for a cheeky little tip to John Lewis for some thick (and pretty) curtains to prevent hypothermia and stuff.

4. Don’t underestimate the throw

I know they’re mainly used for decorative purposes these days, and often end up left in the living room only to be stolen by your housemates somewhere down the line, but don’t underestimate the power of a good throw blanket. You know what they say about wearing lots of thin layers to keep warm? Well apply the same rule to your blanket situation when you get into bed and treat yourself to a few extra covers rather than stressing about getting an electric blanket.

5. Get creative with your radiator

This is one that my friend’s dad told me about years ago. I didn’t do it because I thought it sounded ridiculous but after a bit of googling, apparently, the tin foil method is legit. The idea is that you put some heat reflective foil behind the radiator to stop the heat vanishing through the wall instead of actually warming the room. You do need to buy good quality aluminium foil to get the most out of the technique, though.

6. Go overboard with the candles

Truth be told, you’d need quite a number of candles to significantly feel like you’ve heated your room up, and we’re not really about the stress of fire hazards over here. But you have to admit, the warm glow and zen-like feelings you get from having a few candles going gives the illusion of heat (for a while), and that’s better than nothing, kids.

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