How To Decorate Ikea Furniture (And Make It Look Incredible)

Bored of your IKEA purchases? Here's a list of hacks to make those staples into talking points.

Painting Furniture

by Anna Jay |

There's no doubt about it, most homes have at least one, if not several pieces of furniture from Ikea. But, as is with stores filled with good quality products at low prices, we end up buying the same things as our parents/in-laws/friends/colleagues etc. There's always a hefty handful of products that reach the newfound heights of furniture fame... that stylish coffee table, the £9 TV stand, even down to glassware.

So, in an effort to try and make our homes somewhat original and unique, we've scoured Pinterest for the best hacks to make your Ikea furniture look more like your own. Beyond the point of slapping a new coat of paint on it. That's old news. Check out the gallery below for some Ikea inspo...


Ikea Hacks - Grazia

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Sugar & Cloth show us that attaching wheels to the base of your Kallax shelving unit creates a focal point in your kitchen/living room/bedroom as well as having a portable bar. Genius.

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Slightly more on the complex side, but genius all the same are these floating shelves. Take some £5 brackets which attach top and bottom to some wooden panels, available in a variety of styles. Spray painting optional but highly recommended.

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Rubbish sofa? Us too... You've probably never heard of 'tufting' before but definitely seen it on those infite Pinterest boards. This is super easy and just involves buying some fabric coated buttons, you can usually find them on amazon to match your Ikea sofa. Follow this video, and it can be done in just an hour!

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Queen of DIY Ashley shows us that by using some sticky wooden panels you can make your grotty headboard look way more chic. This would also work with subway tiles and superglue. Or anything with superglue.

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The table in the picture isn't available anymore, but this would work a treat with this LACK side table, £5. Head down to Wilko's and pick up a £4 roll of marble effect sticky-back plastic and cut to shape, to cover the top of the table.

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This way you can't get away with leaving shit all over the kitchen. Take a RIBBA picture ledge (if you aren't already obsessed with these you will be soon) and superglue the lids of some jars to the underside.

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