Super Cheap Ways To Maximise Your Space In A Tiny House

Congratulations, you've rented a shoe box. Now where do your clothes go?

Super Cheap Ways To Maximise Your Space In A Tiny House

by Jess Commons |

It was finding the house that was meant to be the hard bit, not fitting your stuff in it. But, this being 2015 and the renting crisis being at its peak (we hope), it turns out that after a horrid few weeks hunting high and low for the least grimy shit pit you can just about afford, you’re still going to have a struggle on your hands. Because your new house is the size of a mousehole, and you’ve got three suitcases of clothes. And seven boxes of books. And a rabbit/cat/dog/gerbil.

Loads of people are moving house at the moment – whether it’s into a shared house with uni mates, into your first proper house in the big city after uni or whether you’ve taken the plunge and are moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend (taking those ‘get a room’ comments to the next level, eh?), the number one problem you’re going to run into is WHERE THE FUCK DO I PUT MY STUFF?

I’m not a miracle worker but I have lived in a very small room for a very long time and, not having much money, have had to make things work my way. Here, I pass my wisdom on to you.

Every wall is a storage space


It is, it really is. See that massive expanse of wall that’s currently covered in artfully arranged illustrations, photos and vintage film posters? That’s another storage space. If you’re handy with a drill (or if you know someone that is) then get yourself some floating shelves to store more of your shit on, like this. Argos does some good reasonably priced floating shelves.

See, before, this (above) was just a corner, now it’s a space to store books and other trinkets. If you’ve got a lot of books (and you have a perfectly straight ceiling-to-wall joint, then consider running a shelf all the way around the top of your wall that’s placed about a foot down from the actual ceiling. Voila! Library in the skies.

If you’re shit with a drill (don’t worry, I still have to get my dad to do all that #feminism #2015), then have a look at shelves that can be put up using nails. They won’t be as sturdy but you can do it yourself with just a hammer and nails. DON’T put anything heavy on them, though. This one for £4.99 is good.

Each door is a wardrobe

storage pocket

Another dead space is the back of your door. Just sitting there all blank and gormless, refusing to help you out in your time of need. Thanks, door. Anyways, check out all the over-the-door stuff there is on Amazon. These range from hooks, to shoe organisers, to towel rails to (and this is what I’ve got), an over-the-door clothes rail to create another wardrobe for your clothes hanging needs. Save your best clothes for it and it can almost become a kind of feature.

Under your bed is another storage space


If you’re just collecting dust bunnies and empty wine bottles under there ATM then you’re a fool. A FOOL. Under your bed is another like, six feet of space that can be used to store out of season clothes, sleeping bags, shoes and other stuff you don’t need all the time. These wheely underbed boxes are a dream although TBF just any old plastic containers will do. These ones are dead cheap.

If you've got one of those stupid trendy low down beds that doesn’t fit anything underneath then fret not: you can still partake in the underbed action. Just invest in a set of bed risers. They’re meant for old people who can’t sit down as far as they used to but, fuck it, you’re in need too.

You can still have a desk space

fold out table

Because we all need to do work at some point. Set yourself up a wall-mounted fold-out table (this one’s only £29, which is much cheaper than renting an office space) and flip it up to bonk your laptop on when you need to write your novel/design a poster for your band/build your personal brand on social media/watch Netflix.

When it’s folded down it makes a little ledge that would look cool with those cute little cacti balancing on. I mean, there’s also this DIY tutorial on how to build your own but that again is one for the pros.

Ditch the bulky furniture


I know that lovely armoir from Grandma Dorothy is a great piece but it’s not the tunnel to Narnia and it’s taking up a lot of space in your room. Chances are you’ll never have a place big enough to fit it in, so sell it on Gumtree and make a mint. With the cash left over get involved in IKEA’s ALGOT system, which is basically a way of creating a wardrobe in your room by taking up only the space your clothes need to hang.

Plus, it’s really not all that expensive.

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