How To Do The Marble Trend At Home On The Cheap

Why fork out on real marble when you can DIY some faux marble?

How To Do The Marble Trend At Home On The Cheap

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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One of the few things to have survived the test of time in the world of social media-friendly homeware is marble. It started appearing on our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds way before the millennial pink fanfare properly became a thing and it's likely to still be one of the most coveted 'it girl' home decor trends that we all secretly want a piece of.

Only trouble is that real marble is bloody expensive and you probably can't afford (and really don't want) to invest that kind of time and money in your shit rented flat. Especially if you've got the sort of landlord who'll take £100 out of your deposit because of that tiny Blue Tac mark on the wall above your bed.

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There is a way around it, though. You can cheat your way to that cool, glossy aesthetic with a little help from our friend sticky back plastic. We're not talking Neil Buchanan on Art Attack creations, we mean completely transforming things like shelves, table tops and chests of drawers with this completely removable marble dupe that you can pick up from B&Q.

If you do want to take it up a notch, you can get some cheap marble-looking tiles online, or even order a roll of marble wallpaper for Tesco if you're in the mood. But before you get started, here's a little inspiration from Pinterest on how to upgrade your flat the easy way.


Debrief DIY Marble at Home

DIY Marble at Home1 of 7

Monochrome And Marble Bathroom

DIY Marble at Home2 of 7

Faux Marble Top Nightstand

DIY Marble at Home3 of 7

Faux Marble Feature Wall

DIY Marble at Home4 of 7

DIY Marbled Storage Boxes

DIY Marble at Home5 of 7

DIY Faux Marble Picture Frame

DIY Marble at Home6 of 7

Faux Marble Table

DIY Marble at Home7 of 7

DIY Marble Vanity Tray

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