DIY Bath Bombs Filled With Surprises

What if the wrapper was just as good as the present?

DIY Bath Bombs Filled With Surprises

by Mari Santos |

Chances are, if you don’t like bath bombs, it’s because you’ve never tried one. There’s nothing quite like a bath bomb’s fizzy pretty colours and its oils that leave skin oh-so-soft. What’s even better than a bath bomb? One with cool things in it: like rings and flower petals and love.


When I first heard of ‘Kinder Surprise’ baths on xoVain, I knew I had to take the challenge on myself, with a couple of twists. Make all your friends love you this Christmas and join me in creating the fanciest bath bombs of all time.

You will need:

Food colouring

Essential oil (for fragrance, I used lavender)

A type of oil (for moisturising – I used castor oil, but olive oil works just fine)

Citric acid

Corn starch

Bicarbonate of soda

A whisk

The ratio of bath bombs will be 2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid and 1 part corn starch. Castor oil is mixed in gradually until the powder becomes the consistency of wet sand.

Combine one teaspoon of your fragrance and 2 tablespoons of castor oil into a bowl.

Add corn starch, baking soda and and citric acid into another bowl.

Mix the liquid ingredients in with the powders. Knead it all together with your hands and keep adding more castor oil until the mixture begins to feel like wet sand.

If you want to make a two toned bath bomb, separate the mixture into different bowls and add your food colouring.

Add some of the mixture into the mould and then position your prizes. Do the same on the other side of the mould. Press the mixture firmly into the mould and then carefully place the two sides together. Leave to ‘dry’ for five minutes and carefully remove the bomb from the mould.

Huzzah, you’ve made a DIY present that doesn’t suck and that your friend will actually use (well they’re going to have to use it if they want their present, won’t they?).

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