Design Your Bedroom For A Good Night’s Sleep

Here’s how to transform your bedroom into a relaxing space that helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep…


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The colour of the walls has a huge impact on not just the look but also the mood of your bedroom. You can go loud but remember, ultra bright colours feel so full of energy that they’re not recommended for bedrooms where the goal is a a peaceful mood that’s conducive to sleep. Mellower shades such as soft blues, greens and neutrals are perfect for the bedroom as they create a tranquil vibe that can help you switch off from the day. Another option is a rich, warm shade such as Wickes Burnt Copper, used in this bedroom, which creates a lovely cosy vibe. The colour also looks beautiful against wood and is an elegant foil to decorative accessories in this season’s rich tones.
For lots of colour inspiration, take a look at the Wickes colour collection in their paint brochure (Wickes Collection brochure) which showcases its 78 shades, arranged into colour families so you can easily see the variations in tone. And once you have made your choice, Wickes also has all the decorating tools you need to transform your bedroom, from dust sheets to paint brushes, as well as a number of useful ‘how to’ guides, such as how to prepare walls for decorating and how to paint woodwork.


A bed with a headboard is smarter than one without and gives the bedroom a finished look. Do also think about your mattress. There are many different types, from pocket-spring to memory foam, but whichever you choose, make sure its firmness reflects your sleeping position; for example, side sleepers are best suited to a soft mattress while a medium firm one is better for those who like to sleep on their back. And don’t forget the pillow which also needs to support your sleeping position – if you sleep on your side, choose a firm one that supports your head.


As well as an overhead light, create a relaxing ambience with bedside lights. On either side of the bed, they need to be bright enough for you to read but not too much that the room feels overly bright. Also, a soft white light is better than a harsher blue one. Size-wise, opt for a lamp that is between one-third to two-thirds the width of the bedside table.


A messy, cluttered bedroom is not going to help you sleep – in fact, it can make a restful night hard to come by as, according to sleep experts, it can prevent your mind from calming down and even make you feel anxious. So, make sure you have good storage including enough wardrobe space for your clothes and perhaps even a chest of drawers. Handily, this gives you a flat surface to decorate which leads us nicely on to….


Make sure your room reflects your character with accessories that elevate it into something special. Lovely bedding goes a long way to giving a bedroom character – layer it up for extra tactility and add a pretty cushion or two for a splash of colour and pattern. Hang art that encourages you drift off – abstract and land and seascapes are good for this. Finally, add decorative pieces such as a mirror, vases and candlesticks.

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