Decorating Tips We Can Learn From Airbnb

Not just great for booking holidays, here's some excellent decor tips on Airbnb

Decorating Tips We Can Learn From Airbnb

by Anna Jay |

Ever ponder through the Airbnb app, desperate for a holiday but your bank balance says no? Well it's actually a great place to steal some pretty ace home decor tips, as all the listings are actual real houses, with none of the lies interior glossies tell you. We scoured through all the coolest cities to find some stellar ideas to bring some airbnb cool to your little room opposite Tooting Bec station. You're very welcome.



White walls, pine floors, pops of colour? This has to be from the destination du jour, Copenhagen. Home to the coolest interior decor shops and the hippest girls in head to toe black, if you visit I guarantee you'll spend all your money and exceed your baggage allowance on the way home. Take note of the artfully placed accessories (from HAY don't you know) and clean lines.

Stay there from £36 per person per night



Everyone whom you ask this year about holidays is probably going to Lisbon. Warm weather, excellent culture and an undeniable cool factor, this city is definitely worth a visit. If you're looking to re-vamp your pad, pick a colour scheme and loosely stick with it. Tie this together with soft furnishings, artwork and small furniture pieces. Try these Macadam chairs from Habitat at only £10.

Stay there from £15 per person per night


white and dark antiques

This dreamy white apartment teaches us a lesson in mixing the old and the new. Dark antiques work seamlessly with clean white walls and a view to die for. Find furniture like this at auction, car boot slaes or second hand shops.

Stay there from £23.75 per person per night


copper bath

Margate's really up and coming guys! Everyone's moving there! If I had a pound for every time someone said this I'd be completeing on a penthouse in Kensington. But really, check out our favourite radio gal Gemma Cairney's swish listing, and book your stay immediately. Who doesn't want a copper bath in the bedroom?

Stay there from £42.50 per person per night

New York


It's quite hard to find amazing listings in The Big Apple, due to Manhattan square footage value averaging at $2,000. Instead, we found this apartment in the less-pricey Williamsburg, which sports plants-a-plenty. The plant with the heart shaped leaves is an Anthorium (call us plant geeks).

Stay there from £42 per person per night


tiny room

Tiny room (and we mean TINY)? Why not fill the width with your bed - wall to wall? Not only does this make for the most snug little nest imaginable, but also makes the most of having no space. There's also storage built in underneath, so sharpen up those DIY skills and get making. This Amsterdam abode is all-round beautiful, snap it up for your next group holiday.

Stay there from £36 per person per night



If you're not already heading off to the Edinburgh Fringe to watch all the great comedy, Edinburgh's still worth a trip. Stay in this awesome apartment that has a secret bed behind the bookcase. This is quite an adventurous idea but still pretty amazing to whip out when everyone's had too many weird shots after a game of ring of fire and the last tube's gone.

Stay there from £50 per person per night


bamboo room

Totally realistic idea guys, let's make EVERYTHING in the house of of bamboo. Regardless of the practicality of this, it's still bloody amazing and if you have 9 people, this listing is well worth a visit.

Stay there from £88 per person per night. Absolutely book this right now.

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