Houseplant Hacks: Everything You Need To Know About Your Cactus

This week its the turn of the Cactus, the lazy plant owner's dream

Houseplant Hacks: Everything You Need To Know About Your Cactus

by Miranda Aldersley |

The humble Cactus: favorite houseplant of Pinterest and Instagram, no Mexicana-minimalist room is complete without one. It’s versatile, it’s flexible, and it’s low maintenance – no wonder they’re so popular. They’ve even got their own boutique store – Prick in Dalston, which opened in July last year. But before you go pick one up, here's a guide to how to keep 'em alive.

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Does my cactus need water?

The best thing about having a cactus is that they are notoriously hard to kill. You can water them on an as-and-when basis, averaging about once a week. But don’t fret over that two-week holiday – your cactus will survive.

Where do they grow?

Cacti are native to the Americas, where they grow in wild, very dry areas like deserts, mountains and wastelands… and IKEA.

Are cacti poisonous?

Nope. No species of Cactus is poisonous, but an altercation could leave you irritated or infected skin, because of the tiny, almost-invisible barbs that stubbornly remain long after the spines have been extracted.

Does my cactus like sunlight?

Like, most plants, Cacti thrive in light and airy environments, and not getting enough light can cause them to lose their colour and shape. If you move your cactus into a brighter area, make sure to do it slowly - sudden extreme light can cause permanent damage.

Do they grow?

Yes, and most are flowering plants, capable of blooming when mature (although this can sometimes take years).

Are they succulents?

Almost all cacti are succulents, meaning they are specifically adapted to store water. Unlike many other succulents, though, the story process only takes part in the fleshy stem of the cactus.

Are cacti edible?

Sometimes. Most of the edible cacti belong to the Opuntia variety, whose leaves and egg-shaped fruit are a delicacy in Mexico and Chile. Opuntia fruit are also called ‘prickly pears’, and Baloo eats them in The Jungle Book, so it’s clearly fine. Oh, and Cactus Water is the new Coconut Water.


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