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Tokyo Fashion Week Has The Best Street Style. Here’s Proof

Did you think that London Fashion Week had the greatest street style? That New York was the slickest, Paris the chicest and Milan the most glamorous? Well, hold that thought. Tokyo Fashion Week, which is underway right now, is a surprise contender that’s ready to make you rethink the whole game.

Since the dawn of KiraKira, being extra has become the de facto rule for standing out. Whether this means wearing sequins in the daytime, cowboy boots with fish-net socks, a palette of primary colours or even something as simple as wrapping a belt around a pair of track pants, the desire is to add more, more, more. Experimentation is fundamental to Japan’s street style savants, they brazenly clash unexpected colours, push the boundaries of trends to incorporate the beauty arena too and consider accessories as the lynchpin of outfits.

For many, it starts with the shoes. Sky-high heels, natty dad trainers and sturdy platforms courtesy of fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Zara have become a mainstay of this fashion week. Kooky add-ons like plastic handbags, excessively long belts and silk scarves are never too far away either. Clever layering, like a long-sleeve top and a slung-on kimono, or a polo neck and denim summer dress, and knowing when to leave an item untucked is key to recreating their looks.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the devastatingly stylish women who have pounded the streets, squeezed onto the subway at rush hour and ran across town in the rain and cold of Japan’s winter in these inspiring ensembles. We endeavour to be half as bright and brave as you!