Seven Ingenious Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf

Seven Ingenious Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf


by Bethan Holt |
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[Jason Lloyd Evans]
[Jason Lloyd Evans]

The silk scarf is undergoing a major renaissance. Lately, they’ve been shaking off their reputation as the elegantly respectable accessory of choice for W.I members- always fastened with a just-so-brooch- and have been reclaimed as the coolest styling tool this season. And while there’s nothing wrong with wearing yours in the ultra-chic traditional manner, the beauty of the new silk scarf is in its brilliant versatility. In fact, there’s a different way to wear yours for every day of the week…

**1.The Turban **

Out and about in New York last week, Rihanna gave her casual slip dress and trainers a glamorous spin, simply by tieing a silk scarf around her head. This is a brilliant trick for weekends when you can’t quite muster the energy to wash your hair.

2.The Wrist Wrap

At Dior’s Resort show in Cannes, Cressida Bonas transformed her look in one simple wrap of colour-block scarf. Nonchalantly tied around her wrist, the scarf gave a cool twist to conventional cocktail attire.

3.The Upper Arm Tie

Leandra Medine is arguably the original architect of the scarf revival. She advocates livening up sleeveless tops by tieing vivid slips of silk around the tops of your arms. She does two at a time which is great for making a dressed-up statement; stick to one for dressed-down days in jeans and tees. Also, you’ll probably need someone to help you tie yours up.

4.Bags of Style

Want to give your tote or shoulder bag a quick, colourful update? Spotted on the street style set at fashion week were a multitude of silk scarves in cool prints, giving classic leather a new lease of life. Just tie and go.

5.The Hanky V

Editor and street style star Shiona Turini shows that simply swivelling around the traditional scarf tie (where the v-fold is at the back of the neck) gives the look a cool new vibe, showing off more of the pattern. Clever.

**6.Roll-up **

There are plenty of further options for neck action, notably the roll-up which poet and artist Cleo Wade has demonstrated. Props to her for picking out the scarlet shade of her necktie in her shoes and lipstick. Crucially, that roll-up technique gives the scarf a lumberjack effect which instantly makes her the coolest person at that party.

7.The Ankle Wrap

As close relation of the wrist wrap, the ankle wrap will have a similar effect, giving offbeat appeal to elegant heels and eveningwear. Of course, it’s also just as eye-catchingly effective with Converse. A word of warning; do beware of acquiring ‘interesting’ tan lines.

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