This Is Why Reebok Is Breaking Boundaries And Inspiring The Next Generation

‘My City, My Sound’ - Reebok has collaborated with MTV on new digital series featuring award winning rapper Graft


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If there’s one sportswear brand that likes to break the boundaries it’s Reebok. And their latest project is no exception.

In partnership with MTV, Reebok Europe has released a groundbreaking, must-see three part digital series, titled “My City, My Sound”.

Three short-form episodes tell the dynamic stories of inspiring individuals who choose to actively pursue their dreams. In each film Reebok walks and talks with the featured protagonist through their city as they discuss the community that has shaped them as individuals and artists.

This co-created content reflects Reebok and MTV’s core values of embracing talent who think big, chase their dreams, whilst bringing change to the world around them.

The stories are intimate and honest, with Reebok’s unmistakable influence. Beautifully shot, it’s clear to see the impact fashion has on how we all embrace ourselves and our uniqueness.

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The third film in the series features the inspirational rapper and ex-footballer Graft as he showcases one of Britain’s oldest Black Communities, the vibrant Chapeltown. Graft’s specific northern twang style of rap saw him be crowned the winner of BBC3’s Rap Game.

Through his eyes the film explores his hometown in the heart of Leeds and features him detailing his early life and the people who have had the greatest impact on him as a man and musician. We absolutely fell in love with his Mum.

The Graft film is the final episode in the series which explores the unique style and inspiring stories of individuals in France, Germany and the UK. The project highlights artists who are transforming their communities through music, dance, sport, and activism. You get a real, be yourself, then be even better vibe.

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The first episode featured Marseille and the incredibly talented Alice Masa, a stylist, dancer and self-confessed twerk master. The second introduced Milla, DJ and member of Girls Can Skate, a collective for women and non-binary people to skate in Leipzig.

The message is positive and engaging, we all felt uplifted at the screening.

Watch now.

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The Classic is iconic. These sneakers have crossed generations. They've transitioned from track to catwalk. The Classic is timeless. And very few designs have left such a profound impression on pop culture, or moved into the future so effortlessly.

Of all the clothing and footwear featured in the films, the Reebok Classic Leather Trainer, re-confirms its style status.

But then that’s Reebok, always evolving, yet always conscious of retaining the essence of what we love about them. They just look so good!

You can pair them, and wear them with anything, that’s the beauty. They are popular but still coveted. True to their origins, but striving to inspire. The Classic comes in a vast range of styles, from coolly understated through to crazy loud. Dressed up, dressed down, casual, classic or, cutting edge Reebok nail it every time with one design. How is that possible?

Find your Classic here.

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