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Unexpectedly, Mila Kunis In 'That ‘70s Show' Is My Autumn/Winter 2018 Mood

© That 70s Show

Can I do Jackie Burkhart in 2018?

Like every season, there are the big, brash trends and then the subtler, sleeper hits. While every shop is exploding with animal print and cowboy boots, I’ve noticed a surge in 70s re-appreciation.

Personally, I don’t have much time for skirts - cold legs and tights just don’t do it for me - and drainpipe jeans make me shudder, which might explain why Mila Kunis in That ’70s Show really resonates with me. Yes, she was only 14 when she got the role, but watching reruns one Sunday I realized just how much momentum her look has for this winter.

It started with flares that jutted out at the knee, much like Paige’s, then I found myself shopping for prairie dress, like those from Coach, and then I realized I was dressing just like Jackie Burkhart (Kunis). With her Farah Fawcett waves and Ashton Kutcher on her arm, the obsession explains itself.

Fast forward to October and brown is growing in relevance. Signifying quiet luxury and exotic beaches, its many iterations from coffee to sand, are coincidently very seventies. Add in the many Simone Rocha esque hair clips and the Halpern-lite lurex that made up a significant portion of Jackie’s wardrobe and the fixation is crystallized.

As I don’t want to look like I’m a month early for Halloween, I decided to challenge myself. Could I do Jackie Burkhart in 2018? Could I translate her puffa jackets and flares into something a Chloe girl might wear or would I end up looking like a TV extra? Keep scrolling to see how I get on…