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BFF Dressing: How To Dress To Match Your Friend

BFF Dressing: This Fashion Month Street Style Stars Doubled Up

Dressing to match your best friend might sound a little Mary Kate and Ashley circa Two Of A Kind, but at fashion month street style stars were pairing up.

The question is, how do you dress in sync with your bestie without looking like you’re living in a ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ regime? Here are some simple rules for doubling up as a grown up, whatever the season:

1. Opt for a matching silhouette, rather than a head-to-toe uniform.

2. Play with the same colour palette. She wears a camel coat, you wear a camel jumper. You wear a grey coat, she wears a grey jumper.

3. Avoid all pink everything, unless you want to look like one of the plastics.

[Anthea Simms]

4. Match your shoes and nothing else - this always works a treat with fresh-out-the-box trainers.

5. Opt for expensive-looking basics, so you can look like Mary Kate and Ashley, The Row years.

6. Do a Kimye and both wear head-to-toe black and if you’re feeling adventurous branch out with camel.

[Anthea Simms]

7. For the subtle girls out there, go for the old-fashioned approach - friendship jewellery.

8. Finally remember, in girl world it’s best to always ask your best friend’s permission before you wear the same outfit.

See more fashion month BFFs in the gallery below...