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All In The Detail: The Coolest Street Style Accessories We've Spied This LFW

8 Show-Stopping Street Style Accessories From London Fashion Week

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London Fashion Week's street style is as eclectic as ever this season, and while there's plenty of look-at-me dresses lining the FROW, the accessories are worthy of plenty of limelight in their own right.

Our Style Hunter has zoomed her lens into the details, to bring us the hottest shoes, bags and jewels, and even a few DIY jobs.

Here's 8 of the hottest accessories we spied. We've racked up a very lengthy shopping list after feasting our eyes on them, so look away now if you don't want your credit card to be harmed.

1. Prada's Wingtip brogues in silver - perfect for magpies, and those who can't take running in heels

2. Fendi's eyes tote is the arm-candy that's always looking out for you

Eyes and bags aren't normally the best of friends, but in this case we'll make an exception.

3. Gucci's fur-lined loafers (so cosy)

5. Marc Jacobs Baxter Dexter watch has plenty of 60s flair... (buy it here)

6. Olympia Le Tan's Ernest Hemingway clutch (the label is the toast of literary fashionistas)

7. This customised iPhone case - proof style is what you make it

[Anthea Simms]

8. Topshop's appliqué eye clutch. It comes in bright orange so you'll never lose sight of it

Want more accessories inspo? Check out all the best looks from LFW in the gallery (below).

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