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5 Sensational Styling Tricks To Steal From Simone Rocha’s AW18 Show

What is it about Simone Rocha’s vision that is so compelling? At her autumn-winter 2018 show at London Fashion Week today, it was her eclectic references and unapologetic femininity that set the mood, but it was the tip-to-toe styling that explained it. The uncanny clash of a fanciful sock against a stomping flat or an ornately patterned blouse peaking from beneath a gossamer dress speak to this Irish designer’s holistic sensibility. For the uninitiated, her AW18 collection was a trove of styling tips.

1. Embellished Socks Are The New Black Ankle Boots

In the sartorial universe, black ankle boots are an instant palette cleanser. They have this magical ability to downplay a sexed-up dress, add oomph to a culotte leg and introduce edge to any outfit. But, have they been played out? As far as last season was concerned, yes. They were traded in for thigh-high and slouchy boots. But, this coming winter Simone Rocha is presenting a new alternative: a decorated sock. These attention-demanding socks came festooned with bundles of beads and worn with flat shoes and were worn beneath the hem of a diaphanous skirt.

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2. Wear A Suit Under Your Sheer does

Taking the delicious winter treat of layering to new levels, Rocha placed sheer dresses over belted suits, which themselves were worn over white collated shits and elbow-length knitted gloves. Toilet breaks may be difficult, but the look will be major.

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3. Jumpers Can Be An Accessory

That preppy habit of throwing an unwanted sweater over one's shoulders inspires a new school of accessorizing. Think of your Aran as a scarf and knot it tight at your neck. It’s a little ironic, but infinitely practical.

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4. Pop A Shirt Under Your Party Dress

If wearing a suit beneath your tulle frock doesn’t persuade you maybe the addition of a brocade blouse would. The peak of a collar and the ballooning of a generous sleeve brings a couture feel to cocktail hour. This is catnip for anyone who feels the cold.

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5. Match Your Barrettes To Your Earrings

It was Simone Rocha that kickstarted the hair slide trend that’s reigning over LFW. This season she’s playing to the crowd by introducing the addition of matching earrings. Ask yourself why wouldn’t you max-out to maximise your magpie impact?

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