What It’s Really Like To Mastermind A London Fashion Week Party

What It's Really Like To Mastermind A London Fashion Week Party


by Grazia |

You might think that planning a post-show party for London Fashion Week is a dream job, but aside from rubbing shoulders with Cara and Jourdan, it's a whole lot of hard work. Alex Nicholl, Regional Director of F&B at the Mondrain, tells us about the preparations for Holly Fulton's LFW party…

Grazia Daily: Are parties generally based on the fashion in the show?

Not necessarily - the event tends to celebrate the designer and in fairness celebrate the hard work they have done. The parties also are a great opportunity for those in the industry to socialise and celebrate. Sometimes there will be a theme and more often than not the faces you see on the front row will be spotted drinking cocktails at the after party.

**Grazia Daily: Who is in charge of the actual event? **

It's normally a collaboration between the PR company and an event planner within the design company, the designer always gets the final say!

Grazia Daily: When is the venue decided? And how important is it?

The venue is so important, especially for new locations like us. The Mondrian will have a lot of celebrities and Fashion Influencers staying here over Fashion Week so it was a very natural fit for us to work with Holly Fulton for her after party.

The 2014 LFW Holly Fulton show
The 2014 LFW Holly Fulton show

Grazia Daily: How long do you have to deck out the venue? What will it look like?

We are lucky enough to have an incredible view of London so need very little decoration. We will be keeping it simple; great drinks, great music, great people!

Grazia Daily: How do you decide who to invite?

It is the Designer and press team who distribute the invites, usually to a select group of Editors, Stylists, Bloggers and Fashion Influencers who are supporters of the designer.

Grazia Daily: Who's top of the VIP list this season?

Topping VIP lists this season is Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Kendall Jenner as well as your Fashion Week favourites such as Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof.

London Fashion Week VIPs

Grazia Daily: Have there ever been any party disasters, etc?

Not at the Mondrian, sometimes things might not go exactly how you wanted but a good events planner will sort it without their guests ever knowing!

Grazia Daily: What will you be serving?

****We will be serving gin cocktails made with premium East London Liquor Company gins and foie gras with spiced apple chutney, confit duck and smoked salmon with caviar from Mondrian.

Cold menu:

-Smoked salmon, cream cheese & chives with caviar

-Ballontine of foie gras with spiced apple chutney

-Blue cheese & fig bouche*

Hot menu:

-Caramelised red onion, cranberry & goat's cheese tartlet

-Salt cod croquettes with homemade tartar sauce

-Confit duck with pear and chutney

Holly Fulton [Getty]

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