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Was Prince George The Inspiration Behind The Shoes We'll All Be Wearing This Autumn?

© REX/Shutterstock

In a word: probably

There are many wonderful things about September - it's leather jacket season, we can eat hot food without melting, and our duvet no longer moonlights as a rug.

But we do have one complaint, and it's a dilemma that's racked the brains of even the most fashion-forward for decades. What do we wear on our feet?

It's too cold for our summer sandals. And it's surely not time to dig out our knee high boots yet? Not when the weather has an unfortunate tendency to be mild in the morning, desert-like in the afternoon, and blistering gales in the evening on any given day.

So what we need is a happy medium. And we have a very unexpected royal to thank for providing us with a shoe-shaped solution... Prince George.

Off-white loafers like those from Papouelli (worn by Prince George of Cambridge on Saturday) are everywhere right now. And they couldn't be more perfect for September / early October mild weather.

George wore (read: was told to wear) pair of Papouellis to attend the wedding of Sophie Carter and Robert Snuggs in Norfolk last weekend. The newlyweds are close friends of George’s parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. George was pageboy on the day and likely slung on a decidedly edgy pair of loafers - because that is how HRH rolls. If you have similarly small feet and fancy shoehorning on a pair of the real deals you can shop the genuine royal version here.

While for those of us with age five and upwards sized feet can shop a similar style here:

Just tell and anyone and everyone that Prince George made you do it.