North West & Aila Wang Wear Custom Alexander Wang (Before It Even Hits The Runway)

North West Wears Custom Wang (Before It Even Hits The Runway)


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North West on the front row at Alexander Wang [Getty]
North West on the front row at Alexander Wang [Getty]

Alexander Wang's front row was a meeting of minds (or should we say child minders), as North West sat next to the designer's resident tiny tot - his niece Aila Wang.

North and Aila both wore custom Alexander Wang outfits, inspired by the all-black Autumn Winter 2015 collection which hit the runway. Forget OshKosh B'Gosh overalls, the street style toddlers wore chunky combat boots and reflective jackets.

North West and Aila Wang [Getty]

On Thursday North West had a tantrum at her Dad's first Adidas show, having a little cry on her Mum's lap. Kanye explained her tears and it's not what you might think - you know, that one year olds don't like wearing boots or that fashion shows are very loud for under-twos. It was all down to the critics apparently. He said: "Maybe she was just scared for her daddy, she just wanted people to stop being mean to her daddy. Because she knows that her daddy loves the world and just wants to make it a more beautiful place."

Two days later and Nori still isn't convinced about this fashion week business. Anna Wintour wasn't there to look in the other direction, but this time Nicki Minaj did a good job at ignoring the blubbering.

North West at Alexander Wang [Getty]

If it wasn't fear of the critics, perhaps it was Auntie Kendall's Wang-over which alarmed little North. Alexander Wang's girls on the runway were a little, well, terrifying. The models were transformed into goths, wearing all black and chainmail with Wednesday Addams inspired makeup.

Kendall made her AW15 debut walking in the Alexander Wang show - the first time she has walked in one of his shows. It was a whole new look from Kendall - she was transformed into a metal head with little makeup and her hair slicked in front of her eyes.

See Kendall walk in the Alexander Wang Autumn Winter 2015 show in the gallery below...


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