These Big Red Boots Are Taking Over The Internet

Social media is divided over these supersized boots.

by Renee Washington |
Published on

You don't even need to be invested in the world of fashion to have seen these big red boots. These babies are pretty hard to miss.

Under the hashtag 'red boots' on TikTok, there is a staggering 29.5 million views and counting! The brains behind these controversial boots? MSCHF, the New York-based art collective founded in 2016. It's no stranger to the spotlight as it was responsible for the Lil Nas X’s 'Satan Shoes' in 2021.

Since these cartoon-esque boots have found their way onto the net, they have been likened to the shoes wore by Astro Boy, the manga character. Our team didn't even think they were real at first glance, but they're real alright. As the product description reads: 'CARTOONISHNESS IS AN ABSTRACTION THAT FREES US FROM THE CONSTRAINTS OF REALITY. IF YOU KICK SOMEONE IN THESE BOOTS THEY GO BOING!'

The internet still remains very split as to whether these new kicks are the fashion statement of the season. One user under MSCHF's original Instagram post said: 'I want these bad', while another said, 'These boots are spreading like Covid, I'm sick of it'.

And others? Well others sit on a completely different side of the fence - and have been busy creating memes.

The viral boots will officially be sale on 16 February - and retail for $350 (around £290). We can probably expect to see these hitting the streets at London Fashion week (someone's going to go there). So what do you think, is this a cop or drop?

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